Monday, 8 February 2016

Move on

Pogo, my little pug has become the father of six cute little puppies.Well, on second thoughts, he is not a little pug anymore, but all of four years old and a father.His mate? Well, a smart dynamic young little twinkle.
Was it a love at first sight? Or a long courtship? Well, on the contrary, the lady played hard to get and Pogo, my handsome hunk was not the one to give up easily!

When I first saw the six tiny babies cuddled up with each other, I could not take my eyes off them. They were so cute, tiny and had not even opened their eyes.
And the mother, as to be expected, was very possessive.She would be extremely worried when we lifted the babies, anxiously following us till we gave the babies back.
And one month passed by. Now Twinkle was a patient tolerant mother.Giving a supportive hand to the naughty gang.At times she would be so exhausted by their pranks that she would herself come and sit in our lap, not able to tolerate their mischiefs anymore. Now she was indulgent, tolerant but never overbearing, nor overprotective. She would keep a watchful eye on them, but maintained a distance, not interfering.
And the time came to move on.One by one the babies started moving to their new homes.Twinkle would come to the balcony, see off the little ones, give a good bye bark.Was she sad? was she relieved? She never showed. She would get on with life, with the remaining babies, till she bid adieu to all the six.
Fortunately for us, a friend of ours adopted one. Bunty.Before seeing him off to his new abode, we brought him home.He was just 35 days old.Pogo welcomed him, gave a fatherly tolerant company and played with him.
Bunty was a sweet, cute and tiny little pup and on arrival at our home, he wanted us to cuddle him, always put him in our lap, snuggle into our neck so that he felt safe and secure.He would lick our face, shower us with his puppy love and refused to leave our lap.With a heavy heart, we sent him to his new place.
After a week, on popular demand, Bunty visited us.With great expectations I ran to him, holding him close to my chest and waiting for his licks.But within a week, there was a dramatic change. Bunty has grown up and how!Now he wanted to be independant, explore new things and wanted to move around by himself.
As he was running around the house, playing with Pogo and a ball, biting on eggs and cornflakes, I picked him up, hugged him and cuddled him to my chest.
And Bunty resisted.He struggled, gave an urgent small lick to my chin.While I was expecting him to snuggle up to me, he fiercely fought for his freedom, swinging his legs, stared directly into my eyes and jumped off and ran.
Well. There lied the Life's biggest message.Let go.......