Saturday, 14 February 2015


Cricket world cup!
India Pakistan match on a Sunday morning!!

I had a very clear plan. Get up late, take a head bath, get a glass of fresh fruit juice, pick some fresh cut fruits in a bowl, toss in some dry fruits, curl up my legs and enjoy the day.

Whom I am kidding? I am a working woman, a wife, a mother of two, with a house full of expectations of a Sunday morning. Add to it an indefinite holiday of servant maid -  if I am fooling anybody, its only me.

OK I got up late. First dream accomplished! This is heavenly, getting up late on a Sunday morning. Real idea of a holiday. My hubby Prakash had gone to Mantralaya and on the way back had picked up some deliciously fresh white brinjals. Although I prepare Ennegai palya with the brinjals available here, they have skins like plastic. Don't believe me? Try doing ennegai with both of them separately and compare. Recipe? Of course it is HERE.

My mom used to say, whenever we got extremely tender brinjals in the market, that they are like young groom! Whatever that meant!!!

Well, in the morning as soon as I got up and switched on the TV, Prof. Prakash declared : I have a class and you have 45 minutes to make breakfast.

And Rohit Sharma started batting...

In a jiffy, I cut the brinjals, prepared the spices,and set to roll out chapatis.The calling bell rang. Prakash called out : " Look this boy has brought saplings you wanted." Yes, I wanted some saplings for my terrace garden and on a " working day "  I had requested him to come on a Sunday leisurely and here he was.

I did some purchases, with the fear that my brinjals may be burning nagging at the back of my mind, did some hurried bargaining - we hesitate to bargain for a few thousands in a jewelry shop but would be worried to part with a few rupees when we are shopping with these poor guys - and dumped the pots in the compound and ran inside.

Peeped in at the TV, Rohit Sharma was out and Virat Kohli had come to bat......

Thankfully Rashmi, my daughter came to help me in making chapatis. After all a daughter is a daughter is a daughter. That precious soul in every family. Thanks Modiji, for the call " Beti bachaao...". Bless them.

Once the chapatis were ready, a look at the mess in the kitchen and the sink reminded me that Saraswathi, my maid is not coming today. I remembered a lady who stays a few crosses away from me, who was willing to join in. Hoping to catch her on Sunday, I pulled on my tracks.

A peep at the TV. Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan batting. Score? 150 for 1. Not bad, soon I should be able to catch the match.

Sorry sir, the lady has locked the house and left. I came back. Shikhar Dhawan out, India 2 wickets down...

I put on some chapatis and ennegai in a plate and rushed to my room. At last! The moment is here!! Sitting in my bedroom, on a Sunday morning with something special in my plate and watch India Pakistan play in a world cup match.

Man proposes and God disposes... Nay, woman proposes and God disposes. After all I have never seen Brahma, the creator being partial to women or at least being impartial to both. Rashmi entered my room with her plate in her hand and picked up the remote.

Oh no, not again! She switched on the TV and changed the channel. Simpsons its gonna be. Please, If you want to see the match, you go upstairs and join Nikhil. For a few minutes I got hooked to Simpsons. Classroom scene, witty one liners and nostalgic memories. You step back into your childhood. The beautiful part of these cartoons are the  dialogues, written by grown up men and women. The lines are so child like, because, of course, these writers are so young at heart!

Match!!! I rushed upstairs to join Nikhil and cricket. Virat Kohli on 98 and Suresh Raina on 48. Ah! First time in the day I watched a 50 and a century being scored. Riiiiiingggg... Door bell! Who is that again?!? " It must be my friend Nithin Ma. Do you mind watching the match downstairs or shall I take him to my room?"

Enough sir. I am staying put. Dhoni and boys, you better play and play good now. It is 12.30 PM, 43 overs, India 245 for 2. I want to catch the match. India and Pakistan. In a world cup. Mr.Dhoni, even if you and your boys don't win the world cup, we don't want to watch that man in the greens burst crackers........