Sunday, 27 October 2013


Having lived in Bangalore for the past 25 years, I had missed Mysore Dussehra all these years. I always longed to visit, but somehow it never worked out. And at the back of my mind I was, may be worried about the crowd, rush and the heat. My husband would ask every year whether we can go and my reply would be always in the negative. Especially when the kids were young, I visited Mysore several times but never during Dussehra. I am sure they would have loved and enjoyed the festivities,but I would rather take them to palace and Zoo when the things were sober.

I had another issue. Because of our varying schedules and of both the children, we could not plan very well in advance and book the lodging. And once the planning was made, we could never get the accommodation. This happened for 3-4 years in succession.  Last year I had almost planned everything in advance but God up there disposed my plans and I had to spend the entire year running around the hospitals and finally going under the scissors myself.
Once I had made up my mind, but things were not turning out favourable,  it sort of became a challenge. I had to fight against all odds and make it this time. So I started very very well in advance and tried to book my office guest house in Feb itself but they were not yet ready and advised me to come back after 3 months. OK, on 1 St May I shot them another mail. No sir, that was also quite early and they asked me to get back after 2 months. When I tried to book in July and was advised to get back later, I saw red.

This has been the paradox. Either I would be too early or too late. But fortunately God had better plans for me this year. On the advice of my friend Sandhya and her son Samarth, I approached one service apartment just 10 days before Dussehra. You won't believe, I got a confirmation that 2 rooms were in fact available! This is called luck. Since last  2-3 years I have been  searching for home stay, service apartment and lodges during Dussehra but was never successful, and this year it was just a fortnight away from the festival and I was offered a best service on a platter!

Earlier I was always told that no such facilities are available in Mysore and you can find them only in Coorg district . So when I landed at Mysore with my family, I had a sense of apprehension whether my family would be happy with my choice. Believe you me, they were delighted.

The place we stayed was GOOD TOUCH serviced apartments, a building constructed just three months back and one can expect as much comfort here as at one's home. The building is ideally located at Gokulam third stage, a serene and peaceful locality, but not very far from the hub and happenings of the City. It is just 4 kilometres away from the Palace and 3 kilometres from the Railway station.

Being looked after by Mr. Ganapathy and his family, a courteous and friendly couple. the place can be a home away from home. They provide all the facilities like Wi-Fi, flat TVs, AC, car parking and a kitchen. The kitchen is worth mentioning because it is very well kept and is neat and tidy. They offer complimentary breakfast every morning, comprising regular South Indian delicacies with piping hot tea and coffee. And if you like to try your hand in cooking or would like to heat the food you have ordered, there is always oven and the gas stove.

The place is so calm and peaceful, you can spend hours sitting on the terrace. We had a splendid time going around the city, decorated like a bride, with colourful lights dazzling from each and every building. The palace with all lights was just heavenly. I am extremely happy that at last I could make my trip such a pleasant  and memorable one and wish to have another opportunity to visit this wonderful city soon!