Friday, 27 September 2013


Another part of South Indian palate is the Chutney Powder, a preparation which adds spice to the regular food. These powders go well not only with Rice and Chapati but also with Idli and Dosa. On a tiring day, while in a hurry, or just to add taste, these powders finely compliment the food and the taste.

Bele Chutney Powder  (  with dal ) 

This Chutney Powder is called “ Odakalu “ Chutney Powder in North Karnataka.

Preparation Time          :     30 Minutes

Ingredients           :

Groundnut seeds                                2  cups
Bengal Gram Dal                                1   cup
Urad Dal                                            ¼  cup
Grated dry coconut                             ½  cup
Tamarind                                           1  Table Spoon
Jaggery                                             1  Table Spoon
Byadagi Red chillie powder                  2  Table Spoon
Groundnut oil                                     1  Tea Spoon
Asafetida                                          1 pint
Salt to taste.

Instructions :

1. Roast over medium heat Groundnut seeds, Bengal Gram dal, Urad dal and grated coconut to golden brown.
2. Switch off the gas and in the hot kadai put the tamarind so that it is heated and turns crisp.
3. Let everything cool.
4. Grind to a coarse consistency the heated dal, Tamarind,Jaggery,Red chilly powder and salt.
5. In the kadai heat groundnut oil and add asafoetida and let it cool.
6. Then add the grounded mixture.