Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tips for monetising your Blog.

Tips for your Blog :                 

Once you have learnt how to create a blog and steps to be taken while writing an effective post, here are the next tips on improvisation of your blog and also your blog posts.
Let us assume that you prepare a dish which is very tasty and delicious. Will you be happy if the dish turns out very delicious but there is nobody to taste and appreciate it?

Or you have a cute little child, whom you have trained to perform in some art form, don't you want to share your pleasure with the world?  

Writing Online :

Writing, no doubt, is a most creative art. Except for a small percentage, people write because they want to express themselves.They want to write for a passion, or share the information or a story or to teach. Whatever may be the reason people write fundamentally because they love to write.

But let us admit, though we write to satiate our creative urge, once we write, the purpose of writing will be served only when it is read, when it reaches its readers and appreciated. So the job is only half done when we write well but a good post is justified when it reaches more and more people.

And same is the case with your blog. It is your creative expression. You have created it to showcase your talent and your efforts will bear fruit only when you have visitors pouring in :-)

Tips and Tricks for your Blog :

So here are the tips to make your blog and blog post attractive :
  • Don't over do it. Filling your blog and front pages with anything and everything is a strict no-no. I have seen many a blogs where there would be one too many widgets, coupons, ads and links that make me feel suffocated  and like wanting to rush out from a crowded place.
  • On the contrary, don't just fill the post with words without giving any images. At least one relevant photo with your original credit is ideal for your blog.
  • If your blog is about food, i.e. a recipe blog, clearly tell the preparation time, cooking time, calorie content and how many people would the dish serve from the quantity you have mentioned.
  • If yours is a technical blog and through your posts you are giving value added services, it is all the more important to be user friendly, clear and precise. Check yourself before giving any widget or a code. If it doesn't work properly, the result could be counter productive.
  • If you are writing about health, alternative medicines, diet and weight loss etc, a first person account would be most appreciated as people would feel confident to follow such methods, if you yourself have practised these simple but sure healthy steps to achieve weight loss. 
This list can go on and on because there are as many subjects as people who blog. According to a recent estimation, there are more than 5 crores of blogs, with 5 lakhs of posts being written everyday.

Most popular Blogs :
I have observed that the most sought after subjects among blogs are health, diet and weight loss issues, or the blogs with technical supports or with the tips to improve your blogs and offering widgets.

It is but natural because, whatever may be the theme or the niche of one's blog, the technical aspects of creating, administering and popularising the blog is required by every blogger irrespective of the subject on which the blog is created and written about.

Monetise your Blog :

And money makes many things. It all ultimately percolates to money. When you have put in so much effort in creating and writing your beautiful blog, it is the next most natural thing for you to want to monetise your blog. And when you have carefully constructed your blog with a strong foundation, it sure would go a long way in realising your dreams.

Did you find these tips to be useful? Do you agree with what I have propagated? Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below. And please do share this post with your friends. You would be helping somebody who may need these tips and I also would be extremely pleased if this post of mine reaches more and more people :-)