Tuesday, 30 July 2013

How to write a blog post ?

Effective Communication :                                 

Now that you have learnt how to create a blog, let us move on and learn how to write a blog post, which is very effective, popular and which draws the readers to your site.

The fundamental principle of any effective writing is to write on something on which you have a good authority and about a subject which you know and are passionate about. The thoughts come across from your heart and so reach your readers.

Before you set out to write a post make a blueprint of the post - either in your mind or on a paper. Be clear in what you are going to tell your readers. Once you have set the linage and the thought of your post, the words will flow fluently and effectively.

Write about yourself :

Write what you yourself are convinced about and would like to read. Unless you are convinced, you cannot impress your readers. And remember always try to write in first person. Tell your readers how you felt, whether you have experience about what your are writing. People will love to hear about your experiences, failures and success stories.

When I started blogging about five years back I had absolutely no idea how to google, how to search and how to write a blog post and didn't even know what is a blog. I accidentally came across an ad which publicised about making money online and would give me tips on how to use Internet to make money online.

Make Money Online :

Since I was totally naive, and they had worded the ad very well, I fell for it and sent 1000 rupees to get their " Work from home tool kit ". Can you imagine what I got? A CD which told me about Google adsense! Had I taken a little pain and time and Googled a little more I would have learnt hundreds of ways to make money online.

So I have learnt that there are two categories of people who write on the blogs and websites. Those who genuinely want to share their expertise and knowledge and help people and those who want to make money by hook or crook. 

I think I have deviated a little from the subject but anyway I wanted to share this lesson I have learnt to new bloggers. Please don't rush to grab anything you find on the net. Make a thorough study, take your time and then decide.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool : 

Before you start writing your post,enable the option " ask Google for suggestions". It helps a lot in fine tuning your post. And  once you write a post, before publishing, you proofread it to check the correctness of grammar and expression. Nobody likes to read a post which has such basic errors.

Split your post under sub headings. This way you can add crucial key words to your blogs so that the search engines locate your blog by finding popular Google keywords and also your readers would find it convenient to follow.

It is very important to label your posts. Even if you have a niche blog  having only a single topic for your blog, you can label it into different sub headings so that it is easy for the readers to navigate and for the Google to index your posts.

Look at the image alongside. This is where you are going to assign the settings before you publish your post. Earlier your blog post URL used to be the heading of your blog after your blog name. But with this additional feature from Google, you have one more option of enabling the search engines to find your site through Google keywords. Here you put some rich keywords relevant to your post without any prepositions. Say for example for this post I will add blogger-tips-tricks.


Then there is search description which is a smart way of inviting the readers to your post and blog. Here you provide an interesting teaser to your blog post, so that when your blog post appears on the search, this description will make your post stand out among millions of others and will draw the readers to your blog.

Try to use at least one original photo for your blog. An image speaks hundreds of words. It will stand out when people search and also when you want to publicise. If you try to take image from other websites, check about the copyright details and clearly mention the source of your image. If you put too many images in your post you may have problem in getting Google Adsense approval for your blog.


Hope I have made this tutorial simple and easy to follow.Here is wishing you Good Luck and a wonderful time of blogging.

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