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How to create a Blog?

WHAT IS A BLOG ?                                               

I have been blogging now for almost 5 to 6 years and whenever I have Googled for any help, I have noticed that almost all the guidelines and help are generally for those who are very well versed with the subject or who know the coding part.

I remember my earlier days when I had a vague idea of what a blog is, but never knew how to create one and/or its intricacies or the nuances. I was hesitant to ask, was shy to query. Even now there may be many like me who want to learn but are hesitant to ask. So in these series of posts, I would like to teach the basic elements of blogging.

There are many platforms which host blogs and websites. I have one with wordpress, one in hubpages but I have found out that the one with Google is extremely popular and user friendly. So here I am concentrating on the blogs with I would be extremely happy if people find these tips useful and implement them. Any feedbacks/comments are highly appreciated. If there are any doubts, just shoot them. I am here to help you out :-D


To create a blog, you have to go to Here you will have to log in with your gmail account. Once you enter your username and password, you will be directed to the screen as shown below :

Here you have to create a title for your blog.


Creating a title for your blog is extremely important point. It is advisable to give a title that describes the content and the scheme of your blog. Along with that you should remember to create a title that is easily understandable, that people would be searching for and that the people would be interested in. As you learn more and more about search engines, monetising your blog etc, you will realise that a catchy, interesting and most sought after name is ideal for your blog. 


The address of the blog is the word that people type on the address bar called URL.This is the address of your blog in the internet server which hosts millions of such blogs and websites. The URL refers to Uniform Resource Locator, which tells you about 
  • The machine domain name to go to
  • The path or the file name of that machine and 
  • The protocol to use to communicate with that machine.


If you think that you can decide the blog address, you have to think again. You may be technically right in your thought that you want an address you feel is right, but practically it is impossible to get the desired address on the first go. That is because, whatever may be your address or line of thought, generally it would have been already picked up by someone else and hence you get the message that the particular address may not be available and you can choose an alternative. 

This trial and error goes on and on and unless you are prepared for this you may end up choosing an  address you may not like later. So before starting, you be prepared mentally for many a names and alternatives, a subtle aliases which you can choose. I wanted my blog address same as the title, i.e. good life but ultimately had to settle for


This is like the dress you design for yourself, which is both comfortable yet convenient. You choose a style depending upon your liking, but there is no need to worry. You can see a preview and change the template design as many times as you wish.

Hope I have made this tutorial simple and easy to follow.Here is wishing you Good Luck and a wonderful time of blogging.

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In the commentary box below please give your feedbacks which will go a long way in improving my writing. If you find this article useful tell others. If you have any doubts tell me :-)