Monday, 22 July 2013

How to control hunger and reduce weight through Acupressure

REASONS FOR OBESITY :                     

Generally obesity may be due to three reasons :

  • Malfunctioning of thyroid glands.
  • Under working of sex glands particularly in girls and
  • Overeating.
The obesity due to malfunctioning of thyroid gland can be controlled by working on points on your palm and feet.Look at these pictures :

It is the points of thyroid and parathyroid that need to be treated to activate them. In both palms and feet, below the thumb are the thyroid and parathyroid points.  By giving pressure treatment at these points for about 10-15 minutes everyday, the causes of disease can be removed.

Similarly the point for sexual glands is the point below your palm which connects with the sexual glands. By pressing these points for 10 to 15 minutes, the sexual glands can be activated and any sickness associated with them can be removed.

Look at the picture aside. In order to reduce the hunger and thereby reduce the weight, the pressure treatment to be given at points number 1,2 and 4 half an hour before the meals.

Pressure can be given by keeping the thumb behind the ear and giving deep pressure from fingers. By regularly following this method, the body can be tuned to healthy and limited eating and controlling obesity and unnecessary weight gain.


Other than the treatment mentioned above it is advisable to avoid sweets, rice, ice-cream and fried items. And also eating heavy food late in the night should be strictly avoided. The healthy way of eating in the night is both totally avoiding rice and eating healthy salads and fruits and also having dinner at an early time after sunset 7 to 7.30 P.M.


Further, practise Sun Pranayama, i.e. inhaling through your right nostril and exhaling through your left, and again continue through right nostril. Alternately, inhale through right nostril and exhale through the right. Daily drink 4 glasses of gold or silver charged water. This can be prepared by boiling 10 glasses of water with gold or silver coins in it till it is reduced to 4 glasses.


Apart from this one should do light exercises and brisk walking. If possible massage the body with oil at least 2 times a week.