Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Free Medical Check-Up

A Healthy Child            

Each one of us is born healthy. The organs in every human being function the same way. Unless there are some external accidents or internal hereditary complications, most of us are born healthy. But somewhere down the line we start losing our good health. This doesn't include the natural ageing process which is bound to happen. I am not discussing that aspect here. My focus here is to take care of our body, our organs and avoid day to day ailments and also avoid abusing the God given good health.

First Aid

There are some unforeseen influences which may cause some minor diseases and ill health. Instead of panicking and rushing to the doctor if we learn some basic factors and treatments for our body, we may save our health from further deterioration. It is so strange that since childhood we show interest in learning so many things and are curious of everything around us. But unfortunately we know so little about our body. Unless one is a medical student, one knows so little about these vital things which decide our very existence.

Must Read  Prevention and Treatment of common diseases

Please don't jump to conclusions. This article is not an advice to take things in your hands or avoid medicines and doctors. On the contrary, it is a guide on how to avoid situations which force you to go to the doctors.

Acupressure Points in our Body
The alphabets of this learning are the charts given alongside.Try to remember all these Acupressure points. Or post a chart by your mirror or wardrobe. Better still bookmark this page!

We should understand that our body is controlled by five elements of nature viz. earth, water,fire,wind and space and these five elements are controlled by the electricity of the life battery known as chi ( positive ) and chen ( negative ). This battery has been installed in our body at the time of conception.


Out of this battery, electric current passes in the body through the lines known as 'Meridians'. These lines start from the tip of each finger of the right hand, go all over the body and end in the toes of the right leg and and so also on the left side. So long as the current of electricity flows properly in the body, the body remains fit and healthy. If for any reason the current does not reach any part of the body, there is malfunctioning of that part accompanied by pain. If these indications are neglected, they may lead to illness. It is here Acupressure plays a vital role.

Acupressure is the Science of Nature which teaches us to cure diseases through the inbuilt mechanism of the body – the technique of how to send the current to all the desired parts of the body.

How to maintain Good Health :

All the Acupressure points are in feet and palms up to one inch below the wrist. So even if you do not know where all the points are located, you should start pressing from one inch from the wrist and slowly press the full palm and back and on all the fingers in the front and the back.By pressing all these points for five minutes each, all the parts of the body will be covered thus stimulating all the organs of the body. It is like complete alignment of the car. When all the parts are stimulated and working properly, one will feel very energetic and can maintain good health.

Please remember that continuous pressing is not required, but only intermittent pressure like pumping is to be applied.

Prevention of Sickness and Disease :

The very unique feature of this therapy is that when we press all the points for about 10 minutes everyday, all organs are activated and recharged and all the endocrine glands are normalised.  The net result will be elimination of possibility of any disease and also curing of all the existing illness.

By taking this treatment we will be immunising our body from any possible occurrence of the disease and it works as a preventive medical check-up.

Prevention and Treatment of common diseases

It should be always remembered that illness doesn't come overnight or diseases don't develop suddenly.Most of the diseases are caused by the breach of laws of Nature. Ignoring the warning signs of nature, when we indulge in excess of anything, neglect the fundamental rules of hygiene,the illness starts. The following are the indications given by the body before the onset of any disease :
  • There is less urination and so there is more accumulation of the toxins in the body.
  • The fire in the stomach becomes weak. One loses appetite. The food doesn't get digested, as a result there will be constipation or loose motion.

Owing to the above two reasons, the blood is not produced in the desired quantity and also the blood loses its purity.

When the blood is not oxygenated properly, it leads to impure blood, carbon dioxide and toxins are not thrown out of the body.  

When the toxins and carbon dioxide are collected around the vital organs of the body,the current of life 'Chetana' fails to penetrate and recharge the organs.That is when the malfunctioning of the organ or the disease develops around that organ.This decay starts depicting on the palms and soles.

Accumulation of toxins around the organs leads to the organs losing their efficiency, reduction in vitality and increase in fatigue.

In short, the body gets weak and becomes prone to germs and diseases.

If a disease is prolonged, it affects the endocrine glands and the first endocrine gland to be affected is Thyroid/Parathyroid gland. As all the glands are inter-related,the damage to one gland leads to malfunctioning of other glands and ultimately affecting the whole body. 

By nature our body always wants to throw out alien bodies and hence whenever there are toxins causing germs in our body, it makes constant efforts to throw them out. It is here that Acupressure helps the body. When we press Acupressure points in our body, it sends a strong current to the affected part and tries to clear the carbon dioxide and toxins collected around that organ and purifies the blood. The toxins so pushed get collected in kidneys and so after giving therapy for all the concerned parts, it is very important to treat the kidney points which are the central parts of the palm and the sole at the points shown in the picture.

Body Language :

Our body indicates the symptoms with clear and lucid language. We should always heed to these communications and should take corrective steps at the very first indication. The signals the body sends out are :

  • The very first and strong signals are hunger, thirst, sleep, urination and motion. Any variation of pattern, excess or deficiency is the first indication.

  • The body gives out the strong message in the form of belching.

  • Ache or pain in any part of the body shows congestion of carbon dioxide, water, air etc.

  • The running nose and sneezing are the indications that there is excess water in the body.

  • Cough indicates that the cold in the body is creating congestion in throat and chest.

  • Itching shows that that particular part of the body needs more blood.
  • Fever indicates the battle in our body, i.e. white blood cells are fighting with germs of a disease.

  • Twisting of the body means the body is tired and needs rest and oxygen.

  • Loss of appetite is an indication of indigestion and the stomach is trying to fight the congestion and a disease. In such cases stomach needs rest and a treatment of Luke warm water. It is a precaution to take only liquids and allow the stomach to recoup.

  • Pain or the murmur in the heart indicates that the heart requires total rest and the best solution would be to take bed rest for 24 to 72 hours.

How to recharge the body ?

In order to get fast relief and stop the onslaught of the disease, the body needs to be taken care of and recharged by doing the following :

Perform Pranayama.

Drink lukewarm water, preferably copper/silver/gold charged and Health Drink.

Skip a meal or two. reduce the food intake and take fruits, vegetable juices and buttermilk, thus allowing rest to digestive system.

The battery of our body is recharged during sleep.So one should never be sleep deprived and at the beginning of first indication sleep and let the body recoup whenever you feel tired or when there is pain on more than 2 to 3 points on palms or soles.