Monday, 8 July 2013

Chromotherapy - Use of Colours of Sun

In the Vedas, great praises are made of Sun and they are truly deserving. Our cosmos is existing because of Sun. All the living beings get their energy from the Sun. And this energy is abundant and unlimited. So it should be used to the maximum.

The Sun looks white but it has seven colours of violet, Indigo, Blue, green, Yellow, Orange and Red.Out of which first three create cool effect on the body and are also antiseptic.The last three colours create heat and green is neutral.

Dr.Edwin D Babbitt M.D. of US proved with experiments that in all types of patients, even with chronic diseases this chromotherapy is very effective.

the effect of different colours in different diseases :

Violet : Bones and bone marrow, tumour, baldness, cataract and blindness.

Indigo : Eyes-nose-throat problems, facial paralysis, diseases of lungs, asthma, T.B. less digestive power, problems of nervous system, convulsion and madness.

Blue : Whooping cough, all types of disease, problems in throat, fever, typhoid,smallpox, measles, ulcers in mouth, cholera, swelling in brain, problems of nerves, insomnia, mental depression, problems of semen discharge, burns, bleeding from nose etc.

Dr.Edwin calls this blue colour as the world's best antiseptic and that is why the blue sky during the day has such beneficial influences on the world.

Green : Heart problems, low and high B.P, skin problems, cancer, influenza, syphilis, pain in eye etc.

Yellow : All disorders of digestion, spleen, liver problems, diabetes, leprosy etc.

Orange : Long term asthma, bronchitis, swelling in trachea, gout, swelling kidney, mental nervousness, epilepsy etc.

Red : Anemia, disability, sluggishness, cold, paralysis, white spots, arthritis T.B etc.

How to take such Rays?

90 minutes from sunrise and 60 minutes before Sunset, keep the glass of desired colour in the sunlight in such a way that the rays will fall on the affected parts. While taking this sunlight, care should be taken to see that the patient is not exposed to strong direct wind.

If that is not possible, take a coloured bulb of 60 or 100 watts. If such coloured bulb is not available, take a plain bulb, take a gelatine paper, fourfold the same and wrap it around the bulb and light the lamp. keep the affected part 18 to 20 inches away and take the light for 5 to 10 minutes, twice a day.

How to take such colours through water ?

Take a glass bottle of the desired colour. Fill it with 3/4 th and keep it on a wooden plank. And keep it in sunlight for at least 3 hours between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. If such a bottle is kept in sunlight for more than 3 hours, it is not harmful. Just take care that this type of coloured water is not exposed to any other types of colours.

Now the colour medicated water can be given to the patient at the interval of 15 minutes to 120 minutes depending upon the intensity of the disease. In case  water of other colour is necessary to give, it can be given alternatively.

This is the therapy of the nature and can be effectively used with Acupressure. Acupressurist should study this therapy and should use it with care.

Biochemical Medicines
Just like in sea water, there is salt in our body. But both are different. The water in our body does not contain salt and we get this through food and vegetables we eat. If we do not take enough salt required for our body it may lead to the deficiency of salt which may lead to some diseases. And when we take such salts, the diseases will be cured.Dr.Schussler of germany has made a research of this known as Biochemistry. He has maintained that there are millions of tiny cells in our body and when any of these twelve salts are taken in tiny form, it will reach the cells and the disease will be cured.

This is a very simple therapy and the medicines are available in all leading Homeopathy stores and can be purchased across the counter. The best part is that they have no side effects and with a little study, one can gain expertise on how to use them.

1. Calcarea Phos ( Calcium Phosphate ) :

    Teeth, Bones, Blood and tissues.

  Useful for all problems connected with teeth, bones, blood and tissues. It               
  is useful in all problems connected with tissues i.e. worry, cold,less 
  appetite,breathing,difficult urination etc.

2. Calcar Sulfate ( Calcium Phosphate )

    Lying between the tissues.

    Useful for driving out toxins, cold, cough,T.B. boils, ulcer, swelling in  
    ears, puss and blood in urine.Arthritis etc.

3. Calc Flour ( Calcium Fluoride )

    Nerves, Muscles 

    It gives contraction. So wherever these nerves and muscles have become  
    loose, this medicine is used to give them tone.

4. ferrum Phos ( Ferrous Phosphate )

    In the blood cells

    Anemia - for all problems due to deficiency in blood, all types of fever. For    
    lack of concentration, In forgetfulness.

5. Kali Mur ( Potassium Chloride ) 

    Blood, Muscles and Nerves

    For all problems regarding blood- nerves, indigestion, vomiting, loose
    motions and in swelling of delicate nerves. Good for breathing problems.

6. kali Phos ( Potassium Phosphate ) 

   Brain - nerves and Muscles

   All problems connected with brain and central nervous system.This is        
   considered king of all twelve salts.

7. Kali Sulph (Potassium Sulphate )

    Skin and arteries

    All problems of skin, and due to improper functioning of perspiration or due 
    to germs. Arthritis- fever useful to ladies to increase skin beauty.

8. Mag Phos ( Magnesium Phosphate )

    Muscles, bone marrow

    It is expanding vasodilator, all types of pains, headaches, convulsions.   
    Epilepsy, paralysis etc.

9. Natrum Mur ( Sodium Chloride )

   Water of body

   Sunstroke, dehydration, Insomnia- weakness of brain, Palpitation etc.10. 

10. Natrum Phos ( Sodium Phosphate ) 

    Water of body

    Acidity, worms, dullness of memory and improper functioning of heart.

11. Natrum Sulph 

     Water of body 

     Controls water of body and enables more urine.

12. Silica

     Water of body

     This is element of earth - works as a surgeon of body.Very useful in boils.

Now if allopathic medicines are being given previously, in order to nullify its effects, one dose of 4 pills of Thuja 200 should be given

This supplementation of basic biochemic medicines can be put in glass bottle of desired colour for 3 to 5 hours to get faster relief.

In this way if these bio-chemic medicines  basic salts are taken along with regular treatment of Acupressure, the possibility of diseases will be reduced to a minimum.