Saturday, 6 July 2013

How to prevent old age and maintain youthfulness ?
The human body is one of the wonderful creations of God. Our body is well equipped with the best, automatic, delicate but most powerful gadgets. Heart and Lungs - a  pump set working non-stop,  Eyes - the most efficient set of camera and the projector systems, Ears - an astounding sound system, Stomach - an effective chemical laboratory, Nerves - an uncomparable miles of communication system, brain - an unparalleled computer with infinite capacity. And the greatest thing about all these is the unbelievable co-ordinations of all these machines so that the body can easily work for over a hundred years or so. 

Problems of aging :

Death is certain. In fact only certain thing about this life is death. But everybody would like to maintain good health till the last breath.
The current of Life, Chetana is charged from the body from the right hand.The   control point of this current is one inch circle on the front part of the right hand between the wrist and the elbow.By giving two minutes treatment, i.e. intermittent pressure on this point, the excess discharge of Chetana is controlled. This will enable all to maintain youthfulness for a long period and delay old age.This treatment is a must for all men and women after age of 40.

It is interesting to note that regular treatment on this point even by aged people will greatly benefit them and they will start feeling more energetic, younger and less tired.

Planning :

Now that you have learnt how to prevent old age and remain youthful, it is almost necessary to have proper plans for the retirement.Activities of your choice must be increased. Develop new hobbies common to both or complementary to each other. Start taking interest in reading, writing and Fine Arts, Music, Painting, gardening etc. Moreover move around a lot and see the world and meet people.You will feel oneness with them.

The most important part is that up till now, your activities were centred around you. Start taking interest in others' welfare and find new avenues of great joy.Reduce your expectations and try to fulfil others' expectations.

Breathe Right :

The battery of this life is recharged when we breathe and breathe in the right way. Though it seems automatic and natural action of every living being, the science of breathing goes a long way in the way we live and maintain our health. Our body has a special in-built device to recharge through proper breathing. 

When we breath through the right nostril, as it is connected with sun-positive, the heat in the body increases. Similarly, when we breathe through the left nostril connected to moon-negative, the degree of internal heat decreases. It has been observed that the difference between highest and lowest temperature is .09 c.

When we breathe through the right nostril, the air goes into the brain and recharges positive part of of our brain which is called as white matter. At that time blood charged with air breathed in through white nostril goes into the first ventricle and positive heat will be stored.When it reaches the peak level,the current flows towards the negative and breathing naturally changes to the left nostril.The cooler air then goes into the brain and charges the negative substance called gray matter.

The mistake committed by most of us while breathing is that we don't take deep breaths but indulge in shallow breathing thus losing most benefits of perfect deep breathing. Just while reading this, try taking a deep breath and observe how shallowly you were breathing. So regularly do Pranayama where you will be doing proper breathing by conscious efforts, but make it a practice to constantly observe your breathing pattern and try to rectify it ill the deep breathing becomes your natural habit.

Food :

Try to reduce it as much as possible.Increase intake of green juices, fruit juices. green salads, fruits, yoghurts etc, which are easily digestible and which will give you enough energy. Very soon you will be near Nature and every morning will bring you new joy and new meanings of life.And you will feel young and you will feel confident of scoring a century.