Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Do it Yourself - Acupressure Therapy

Nature's  ' DO IT YOURSELF '  Acupressure Therapy is a science and not a matter of belief.

Acupressure therapy has been propagated in India since ancient times, i.e. more than 5000 years back by Maharshi Sushruta. It is an ancient science which has been proven to cure many ailments. If this is practised regularly and sincerely, the world would be a very healthy place.The greatest beauty of this treatment is that it can be studied and practised by even layman. The only thing to be understood is the points of the nerves which connect to different parts of the body and which points to be pressed with what result.

Acupressure therapy doesn't cost you any money.Moreover it is harmless as it has no side effects.Therefore as a sensible person desiring good health which is our birthright, try this therapy regularly and sincerely for at least 15 days and observe its wonderful and amazing results.Thus you will become your own doctor and a firm believer that YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR HANDS. At the time of pressing your palms and soles, please thank the Great Power who has instilled this wonderful system of self cure in your body.

In treating any disease, find out the root cause first.It is necessary to remove the root cause of the disease to cure ir permanently. For example, piles are caused by continuous constipation.Therefore to treat piles, constipation should be cured first. Sometimes different persons may be having the same health issue but the cause of the disease may be entirely different from person to person.So it is very important to address the root cause of the problem.

In the same way cough and cold are caused by constipation and weak digestive power.Therefore the root cause should be removed when taking treatment for that particular disease.


Mind has great control over body.A Happy mind in a Healthy body is the goal to be achieved.

happiness of mind can be achieved by stopping all unnecessary worried. It is to be observed that in nature, nobody worries for future. If a note of all the worries is made,it will be found that most of them are unnecessary and could be easily avoided.

It has been observed that most of the psychological problems, the endocrine glands are disturbed and not corrected afterwards. In such cases, treatment on all the endocrine glands would prove highly beneficial.

Secondly everybody should take interest in others and in literature, music, arts, sports etc.

The third and most important point is :

To love all beings and be friendly with them;

To forgive them and ask them to forgive you.

Please note that :

To give is Divine.

To earn a living honestly is Human.
To snatch other's property and effect pain to others by body,words and even mentally is Sin.
We all are born as Humans. let us try to be Divine.

When Mother Nature has provided us with such a simple and easy treatment to avoid diseases and even to cure them, we all must follow the instructions given by Nature. These therapies only help Nature to cure oneself.Even youngsters can be taught of this very easy and simple way of treatment.

To give a very good example how effectively this system was being used in early days, you may remember that when a student was weak in memory or mathematics, the teacher used to hold the ear and twist it.During Ganesh festival children were made to hold their earlobes and squat on the ground. Yet again, there is a practice of the  ears of the newborns being pierced. All these are not mere orthodox rituals, but scientific practices.

Look at the shape of your ear. It resembles a baby in mother's womb with its head down. That is the earlobe nerve is connected to the brain and pressing it will activate the brain cells and help the children in their studies!

Let us not forget Nature in our pursuit of Science.  

Nature Cure

What is Nature Cure?

Nature Cure means following rules of Nature and curing the disease with the help of the elements of Nature viz. Earth, Water, Sun and Air in such a way that the toxins gathered in the body are thrown out - body becomes pure and life current powerful.That enables the body to cure the disease and make the body work efficiently.

Earth / Mud :

Due to increasing problems in germs in the earth, placing wet mud pack on stomach and other affected parts is less advocated. However the paste of green juice can be applied.Such a pack can be put on eyes,stomach, skin problems when it becomes dry, green juice can be sprinkled on it or the green pack can be changed. For better results, after applying green pack,sunrays can be taken on it. The results are wonderful - even in case of white spots, leucoderma / leprosy.

Water :

Drink plenty of water - 8 to 10 glasses per day. In India there was a custom of drinking 2 to 3 glasses of water kept overnight in copper vessel and then walk for about one mile to go to toilet in the open.Now recently a Japanese professor tried this method on 30000 people and was convinced of the great benefits of drinking first thing in the morning such 2 to 3 glasses of water boiled on previous night and kept in a metal vessel.If walking is not possible, lie down and massage the stomach or roll the wooden roller on stomach for 5 to 10 minutes.This will remove not only constipation but also excess heat from the body. Before drinking the water check up the solar plexus and correct it if necessary.

Application of cold pack helps in reducing fever and removing the morbid matter toxin from the body.Hot packs on the other hand relieves pain and swelling.

Vapour treatment/steam bath are useful to drive out the cold and the toxins from the affected part through perspiration and increased circulation of blood. It is very useful in polio,arthritis,rheumatism, paralysis etc.

Moreover,if facilities are available, one can take hip bath in a tub filled with hot and cold water, level of which should be up to the navel.

In case of fever, wet cotton bed sheet can be wrappedover the body and covered with woolen blanket for 15 to 30 minutes and then repeated after 1 to 2 hours if necessary.

Air :

Pure air is a big doctor. Various Pranayama help the body to get pure thereby purifying the blood and leading to good health. Along with Pranayama, if Mudras also followed, they will yield better results.

Fasting :

In order to clear toxins largely in the digestive organs, fasting of 12 to 72 hours or more is advocated. During fasting it is advisable to drink luke warm boiled water and green juices. One can make it a practice to skip a meal once a week, skip meal for a day once a month and remain on boiled water and green juices and fruit juices for three days in a year. Such fasts should be broken with fruit juices.

Body and its Electricity :

The best element of nature is our body - its bio energy and one can easily use it oneself that is through Acupressure.

One cannot forget that even though advanced and best, man is an animal of Nature and therefore more and more use of these basic elements of nature will give good health.For faster and guaranteed results, use as many as possible.

Enema :

In order to remove stools from big intestines, the anema should be takenwith lukewarm water. One teaspoon of coffee powder and oil teaspoon castor oil can be added in the water for better results.During and after the fast, such enema is very useful. Such enema should be followed with enema of cold water.