Sunday, 28 April 2013

In life the next best thing after seeing your children grow - nay almost similar
 -  is the pleasure of watching your plants grow. Birth and growth are always synonymous with life.It is always a miracle sowing seeds in earth, giving it water and sunlight and watch the seed sprouting into a sapling. And soon blooming with flowers and fruits and looking gratified when we pluck the flowers. The most selfless life on earth! What a beautiful gift by nature and God!
Gardening is the best healing therapy. It lifts the mood and elevates the spirits. I feel it is one form of hard work which rather rejuvenates than tires. I can vouch for this as I had the pleasure of undergoing this therapy recently.
Post my spinal operation, I had developed a deficiency of vitamin D and was told by the doctors that for us vegans, sitting in sunlight is the only option as the vitamin D is rich only in non-veg food. I started to sit in the sunlight on my terrace and in no time music, FM, newspapers and magazines started losing their charm. I needed something more creative to hold me. Being always extremely passionate about plants and fauna, I started my little terrace garden and now within a span of just three months, they are all blooming with lovely flowers in different colors and hues. 

Every plant, flower has an anecdote, a fond memory of the bygone days, or the memories you shared with your loved ones. Come, let me take you on a little journey through my little garden.

This is the front view of my house and since it is west facing, I had great difficulty in getting sunlight for my plants. then I decided to go for crepe and spread it across a --------- so that sunlight falls directly on it, it not only gives shelter but also adds beauty to the building. Just imagine, eight years back I paid ten thousand bucks and got it fixed even before I had planted the sapling. And today it is full of orange, pink bloom of bougainvillea  Worth every effort!

These are the pots and plants I bought first on Kanakapura road on my way back from my friend savithri's house. I got a wide variety of saplings at a very competitive rate from the nursery.

My next destination was Indo-American Hybrid seeds on K.R.Road. This is every gardener's favorite destination. The collection, the variety and the most scientific methods adopted by this unit is worth emulating. It is every plant lover's pilgrimage. Have you visited it yet?