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Tips for monetising your Blog.

Tips for your Blog :                 

Once you have learnt how to create a blog and steps to be taken while writing an effective post, here are the next tips on improvisation of your blog and also your blog posts.
Let us assume that you prepare a dish which is very tasty and delicious. Will you be happy if the dish turns out very delicious but there is nobody to taste and appreciate it?

Or you have a cute little child, whom you have trained to perform in some art form, don't you want to share your pleasure with the world?  

Writing Online :

Writing, no doubt, is a most creative art. Except for a small percentage, people write because they want to express themselves.They want to write for a passion, or share the information or a story or to teach. Whatever may be the reason people write fundamentally because they love to write.

But let us admit, though we write to satiate our creative urge, once we write, the purpose of writing will be served only when it is read, when it reaches its readers and appreciated. So the job is only half done when we write well but a good post is justified when it reaches more and more people.

And same is the case with your blog. It is your creative expression. You have created it to showcase your talent and your efforts will bear fruit only when you have visitors pouring in :-)

Tips and Tricks for your Blog :

So here are the tips to make your blog and blog post attractive :
  • Don't over do it. Filling your blog and front pages with anything and everything is a strict no-no. I have seen many a blogs where there would be one too many widgets, coupons, ads and links that make me feel suffocated  and like wanting to rush out from a crowded place.
  • On the contrary, don't just fill the post with words without giving any images. At least one relevant photo with your original credit is ideal for your blog.
  • If your blog is about food, i.e. a recipe blog, clearly tell the preparation time, cooking time, calorie content and how many people would the dish serve from the quantity you have mentioned.
  • If yours is a technical blog and through your posts you are giving value added services, it is all the more important to be user friendly, clear and precise. Check yourself before giving any widget or a code. If it doesn't work properly, the result could be counter productive.
  • If you are writing about health, alternative medicines, diet and weight loss etc, a first person account would be most appreciated as people would feel confident to follow such methods, if you yourself have practised these simple but sure healthy steps to achieve weight loss. 
This list can go on and on because there are as many subjects as people who blog. According to a recent estimation, there are more than 5 crores of blogs, with 5 lakhs of posts being written everyday.

Most popular Blogs :
I have observed that the most sought after subjects among blogs are health, diet and weight loss issues, or the blogs with technical supports or with the tips to improve your blogs and offering widgets.

It is but natural because, whatever may be the theme or the niche of one's blog, the technical aspects of creating, administering and popularising the blog is required by every blogger irrespective of the subject on which the blog is created and written about.

Monetise your Blog :

And money makes many things. It all ultimately percolates to money. When you have put in so much effort in creating and writing your beautiful blog, it is the next most natural thing for you to want to monetise your blog. And when you have carefully constructed your blog with a strong foundation, it sure would go a long way in realising your dreams.

Did you find these tips to be useful? Do you agree with what I have propagated? Please feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below. And please do share this post with your friends. You would be helping somebody who may need these tips and I also would be extremely pleased if this post of mine reaches more and more people :-)

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How to write a blog post ?

Effective Communication :                                 

Now that you have learnt how to create a blog, let us move on and learn how to write a blog post, which is very effective, popular and which draws the readers to your site.

The fundamental principle of any effective writing is to write on something on which you have a good authority and about a subject which you know and are passionate about. The thoughts come across from your heart and so reach your readers.

Before you set out to write a post make a blueprint of the post - either in your mind or on a paper. Be clear in what you are going to tell your readers. Once you have set the linage and the thought of your post, the words will flow fluently and effectively.

Write about yourself :

Write what you yourself are convinced about and would like to read. Unless you are convinced, you cannot impress your readers. And remember always try to write in first person. Tell your readers how you felt, whether you have experience about what your are writing. People will love to hear about your experiences, failures and success stories.

When I started blogging about five years back I had absolutely no idea how to google, how to search and how to write a blog post and didn't even know what is a blog. I accidentally came across an ad which publicised about making money online and would give me tips on how to use Internet to make money online.

Make Money Online :

Since I was totally naive, and they had worded the ad very well, I fell for it and sent 1000 rupees to get their " Work from home tool kit ". Can you imagine what I got? A CD which told me about Google adsense! Had I taken a little pain and time and Googled a little more I would have learnt hundreds of ways to make money online.

So I have learnt that there are two categories of people who write on the blogs and websites. Those who genuinely want to share their expertise and knowledge and help people and those who want to make money by hook or crook. 

I think I have deviated a little from the subject but anyway I wanted to share this lesson I have learnt to new bloggers. Please don't rush to grab anything you find on the net. Make a thorough study, take your time and then decide.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool : 

Before you start writing your post,enable the option " ask Google for suggestions". It helps a lot in fine tuning your post. And  once you write a post, before publishing, you proofread it to check the correctness of grammar and expression. Nobody likes to read a post which has such basic errors.

Split your post under sub headings. This way you can add crucial key words to your blogs so that the search engines locate your blog by finding popular Google keywords and also your readers would find it convenient to follow.

It is very important to label your posts. Even if you have a niche blog  having only a single topic for your blog, you can label it into different sub headings so that it is easy for the readers to navigate and for the Google to index your posts.

Look at the image alongside. This is where you are going to assign the settings before you publish your post. Earlier your blog post URL used to be the heading of your blog after your blog name. But with this additional feature from Google, you have one more option of enabling the search engines to find your site through Google keywords. Here you put some rich keywords relevant to your post without any prepositions. Say for example for this post I will add blogger-tips-tricks.


Then there is search description which is a smart way of inviting the readers to your post and blog. Here you provide an interesting teaser to your blog post, so that when your blog post appears on the search, this description will make your post stand out among millions of others and will draw the readers to your blog.

Try to use at least one original photo for your blog. An image speaks hundreds of words. It will stand out when people search and also when you want to publicise. If you try to take image from other websites, check about the copyright details and clearly mention the source of your image. If you put too many images in your post you may have problem in getting Google Adsense approval for your blog.


Hope I have made this tutorial simple and easy to follow.Here is wishing you Good Luck and a wonderful time of blogging.

If you like this tutorial post, please share with your friends. They may be in need of an easy guide but may be wary of finding an easy to follow and simple guide, and they would really appreciate it.


In the commentary box below please give your feedbacks which will go a long way in improving my writing. If you find this article useful tell others. If you have any doubts tell me  :-)

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Keywords are single words or word phrases that you want to emphasize on your pages, so if someone types them into Google search, your site appears at the top.

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Five Elements and their effects on our health and body

source : 

How to create a Blog?

WHAT IS A BLOG ?                                               

I have been blogging now for almost 5 to 6 years and whenever I have Googled for any help, I have noticed that almost all the guidelines and help are generally for those who are very well versed with the subject or who know the coding part.

I remember my earlier days when I had a vague idea of what a blog is, but never knew how to create one and/or its intricacies or the nuances. I was hesitant to ask, was shy to query. Even now there may be many like me who want to learn but are hesitant to ask. So in these series of posts, I would like to teach the basic elements of blogging.

There are many platforms which host blogs and websites. I have one with wordpress, one in hubpages but I have found out that the one with Google is extremely popular and user friendly. So here I am concentrating on the blogs with I would be extremely happy if people find these tips useful and implement them. Any feedbacks/comments are highly appreciated. If there are any doubts, just shoot them. I am here to help you out :-D


To create a blog, you have to go to Here you will have to log in with your gmail account. Once you enter your username and password, you will be directed to the screen as shown below :

Here you have to create a title for your blog.


Creating a title for your blog is extremely important point. It is advisable to give a title that describes the content and the scheme of your blog. Along with that you should remember to create a title that is easily understandable, that people would be searching for and that the people would be interested in. As you learn more and more about search engines, monetising your blog etc, you will realise that a catchy, interesting and most sought after name is ideal for your blog. 


The address of the blog is the word that people type on the address bar called URL.This is the address of your blog in the internet server which hosts millions of such blogs and websites. The URL refers to Uniform Resource Locator, which tells you about 
  • The machine domain name to go to
  • The path or the file name of that machine and 
  • The protocol to use to communicate with that machine.


If you think that you can decide the blog address, you have to think again. You may be technically right in your thought that you want an address you feel is right, but practically it is impossible to get the desired address on the first go. That is because, whatever may be your address or line of thought, generally it would have been already picked up by someone else and hence you get the message that the particular address may not be available and you can choose an alternative. 

This trial and error goes on and on and unless you are prepared for this you may end up choosing an  address you may not like later. So before starting, you be prepared mentally for many a names and alternatives, a subtle aliases which you can choose. I wanted my blog address same as the title, i.e. good life but ultimately had to settle for


This is like the dress you design for yourself, which is both comfortable yet convenient. You choose a style depending upon your liking, but there is no need to worry. You can see a preview and change the template design as many times as you wish.

Hope I have made this tutorial simple and easy to follow.Here is wishing you Good Luck and a wonderful time of blogging.

If you like this tutorial post, please share with your friends. They may be in need of an easy guide but may be wary of finding an easy to follow and simple guide, and they would really appreciate it.


In the commentary box below please give your feedbacks which will go a long way in improving my writing. If you find this article useful tell others. If you have any doubts tell me :-)

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How to maintain good health ?

LIVE HEALTHY :                    

The greatest blessing from God for a happy living is Good Health. We are blessed with wonderful organs and senses and it is our duty and in our own interest that we preserve what we have got. So here are some of the useful hints in maintaining a healthy body thereby assuring a healthy living.


  • Drink 1/2 cup of hot water every half an hour till you feel fresh. Japanese have this habit of always drinking warm water and are said to maintain excellent health.
  • Mix 1/2 teaspoonful of turmeric powder, 1/2 teaspoon grounded Bishop's seeds ( Ajwain) or 1/2 teaspoon of Mahasudarshan powder with hot water and drink in the morning.
  • Take the soft nylon brush you use to wash your clothes and rub your soles with it for 5 to 10 minutes, three times a day till the soles are warmer than the head.


  • Take 1 teaspoon of Haritaki Churna ( Harde powder - powder of Terminalia Chebula Retz ) and 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in the morning as the first thing on getting up for 10 days continuously and afterwards twice a week. This will not only remove the excess heat from the body but also keeps the bowels clean.
  • Blend powder of 15 black pepper and 2 teaspoon of crystal sugar in 1 1/2 glasses of water and drink as the first thing in the morning for 10 days. After 10 days, for next 10 days add 5 blended almonds in this drink. This is very useful even in treating Jaundice, Cirrhosis and Sunstroke.
  • Soak 5 black pepper, 10 to 12 black raisins and 1 teaspoon of saunf in one glass of water in the evening. Next day blend them and drink in the afternoon. This is an excellent health drink in summer.
  • Take equal quantity of Cumin seeds powder, Black pepper, saunf, Amla powder, Crystal sugar and ginger. Grind all the above into nice powder and keep in an airtight container. One teaspoon of this powder can be taken in the morning and evening. 
The excess heat in the body, especially in teenaged girls causes pimples. Once this treatment to remove heat is taken the pimples will also reduce.


In case of severe sinus problem, the following poder is very useful in giving instant but short relief.


In one quantity of kaifal or black pepper add one quantity each of cardamom, saffron and grind them to a very fine paste and keep in a bottle.


Inhale a little of this powder through one nostril keeping the other one closed and then repeat the process with the other nostril. There will be watering in eyes and nose and heavy snoozing for 10 to 30 minutes. Repeat if necessary but only twice a week. This will give instant relief from heaviness in the head and sinus.

This is the most common problem especially in women. By rubbing the fingers against each other as shown in this picture, the hair fall and thinning of hair can be avoided for a long period. This will also delay the greying of hair.
For best results, one should do this for 10 to 15 minutes both in the morning and evening. This is a very reliable and tested method of avoiding falling and greying of hair. Within a few months, you will notice remarkable growth in your hair.

This method has been successfully implemented by millions of Indian women with great success.

Regular use of all the above mentioned health tip will ensure a good physique, achieve mental happiness, curtail unnecessary expenses on health and health care products and bring health, happiness and peace in home.

Monday, 22 July 2013

How to control hunger and reduce weight through Acupressure

REASONS FOR OBESITY :                     

Generally obesity may be due to three reasons :

  • Malfunctioning of thyroid glands.
  • Under working of sex glands particularly in girls and
  • Overeating.
The obesity due to malfunctioning of thyroid gland can be controlled by working on points on your palm and feet.Look at these pictures :

It is the points of thyroid and parathyroid that need to be treated to activate them. In both palms and feet, below the thumb are the thyroid and parathyroid points.  By giving pressure treatment at these points for about 10-15 minutes everyday, the causes of disease can be removed.

Similarly the point for sexual glands is the point below your palm which connects with the sexual glands. By pressing these points for 10 to 15 minutes, the sexual glands can be activated and any sickness associated with them can be removed.

Look at the picture aside. In order to reduce the hunger and thereby reduce the weight, the pressure treatment to be given at points number 1,2 and 4 half an hour before the meals.

Pressure can be given by keeping the thumb behind the ear and giving deep pressure from fingers. By regularly following this method, the body can be tuned to healthy and limited eating and controlling obesity and unnecessary weight gain.


Other than the treatment mentioned above it is advisable to avoid sweets, rice, ice-cream and fried items. And also eating heavy food late in the night should be strictly avoided. The healthy way of eating in the night is both totally avoiding rice and eating healthy salads and fruits and also having dinner at an early time after sunset 7 to 7.30 P.M.


Further, practise Sun Pranayama, i.e. inhaling through your right nostril and exhaling through your left, and again continue through right nostril. Alternately, inhale through right nostril and exhale through the right. Daily drink 4 glasses of gold or silver charged water. This can be prepared by boiling 10 glasses of water with gold or silver coins in it till it is reduced to 4 glasses.


Apart from this one should do light exercises and brisk walking. If possible massage the body with oil at least 2 times a week.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Fitness Tips

Health Tips            
Do you know the name of the person who first landed on the moon? Do you know who invented Airplanes? Or the first person who climbed the Mount Everest? You Know? Wonderful. Now - do you know how to delay old age and the old age related problems? Or how to breathe so that the fresh air reaches and vitalizes all parts of your body?

And then are you taking care of all your valuables - gold,silver and cash? Have you made arrangements to keep them in safe locker? Have you painted your house with the brand that protects your wall? Have you taken care to protect your gems? Yes? Awesome. Now - what about your gums?

Do you get the Insurance of your vehicles renewed without fail? Do you take precautions to service your vehicles periodically? And check the air? I am sure you do.But how much attention have you given to your eyes, skin, ears, nose and tongue? Your panchendriya ?

Can I see a frown on your face? And a thought - "Why should I study my body and organs when there are doctors to take care of that?" Aw common! By your own logic, you can go to the mechanics when the car breaks down, can go to the police when burglar breaks in. And why bother who landed first on moon when you are sure you may get a chance to land there only in your dreams :-) 

Health Insurance

It is really surprising that we take great care while planting a seed. Ploughing the earth and clearing weeds. We want best of seeds and grow most healthy plants, fruits and vegetables. Then why not show some care and concern towards our body? After all it is entirely ours, we get only one set, there is no replacement and no warranty. And the big thing is that we have to live with it for our entire life! So let us try to learn at least some basic preventive measures to protect our health.

The fundamental health exercise which we should never overlook is deep breathing, the elixir of life. It recharges the life battery. We should make constant and conscious effort to take deep breaths. The stomach should come out when we inhale and go deep inside when we exhale. And at least for 5 to 10 minutes a day, we should do Anuloma Viloma or Nadi shuddhi Pranayama

Let us first understand what happens when one takes a deep breath and how it affects our health and body. When we breath through our right nostril, which is connected with solar energy, generates heat in the body, is called positive energy and when we breath through the left nostril, related to the moon, has a cooling effect on the body and generates a negative energy.Thus the change in levels of positive and negative energy goes on and electricity so produced goes on flowing in the body.

What is Kundalini ?

When the cerebro spinal fluid passes through spinal cord and goes down from brain to coccyx, because of the gray and white matter in vertebrae, electricity is produced and stored in prostrate where it remains idle. This is called Kundalini - serpent energy in Yoga. Through certain yogic exercises  this latent power can be awakened and made to move upwards through endocrine glands known as chakras.

How many Chakras are there in our Body?

  • Sahasrara - pineal gland - located at the crown of the head - considered the chakra of pure consciousness . Its role may be envisioned to that of pituitary gland which secretes hormones to communicate to the rest of the endocrine system and connects to the central nervous system.
  • Ajna - This is the end of the central nervous system that rises from the sexual organ to the crown of the head and follows down to the third eye. This is linked to the third eye, it is called pineal gland, a light sensitive gland and produces hormone melatonin which regulates sleep and waking up.
  • Vishuddha - This chakra is paralleled to thyroid glands located at the throat which produces thyroid harmone that is responsible for growth and maturity.It governs communication and fluency of thoughts.
  • Anahata - Is located in the chest and it is an element of the immune system as well as being the part of endocrine system. A healthy Anahata chakra helps in fending off the diseases and may be adversely affected by stress.
  • Manipura - This chakra is related to the metabolic and digestive systems. It corresponds to the cells in pancreas and outer adrenal glands and play a vital role in digestion and conversion of food matter into energy for the body.
  • Swadhisthana - This chakra is located in the sacrum and corresponds to the testes or ovaries that produce sex hormones involved in the reproductive cycle and they govern the emotions like violence, addictions, basic emotional needs and pleasure. 
  • Muladhara - The center at the base of the spine in the coccygeal region is the location of Muladhara Chakra. This chakra relates to the gonads and the adrenal medulla, responsible the fight-or-flight responsible when faced with a threat. Muladhara is related to instinct, security, survival and also basic human potentiality.
Meditation Tips 

When with the deep breathing, the electricity reaches the brain, it awakens a knowledge from within.One gets new perception of things, new meanings of life. This process of reviving the latent electricity from the base of the body is called awakening of Kundalini - serpent power.

The electricity so produced flows in the brain and reactivates billions of cells of the brain.These cells are smaller than hair and are standing in a line like teeth of a comb. When the electricity passes, the upper part of the cell bends and touches the next cell and passes the flow of electricity. When this flow of the current becomes weak and the flow is otherwise disturbed, the cell becomes dried up and weak. In turn the functions of other parts of the body gets effected and the aging process starts.

Your Health in Your Hands

The main excuse from all of us for not taking care of our health or avoid doing exercises is lack of time. Agreed. So you don't need to go anywhere, no need of losing your sleep or no missing of your share of your entertainment. Still you can protect your good health. 


All the 24 hours you would be breathing. Make a conscious effort to breath from your gut or stomach.This takes care of 50% of your good health. Initially 
your mind will drift and you forget. Don't worry, while working in the office, reading, eating, walking and watching TV and even while sleeping, bring back your mind to conscious and deep breathing. Within a few days you will conquer and it will become your habit.

Healthy Living

So postpone your aging process and enjoy healthy living by following these simple steps :

  • Drink water, charged with metals like iron, copper,silver or gold. It can be prepared by boiling gold/silver/copper or cleaned iron in 4 cups of water till the water reduces to 2 cups and drink it everyday.
  • Do Pranayama at least for 10 minutes, twice a day. 
  • Do simple yoga with associated breathing.
  • Do Acupressure on your hands and feets by pressing all the points at least for 5 minutes, while at office or even while watching TV.
  • Follow chromotherapy - Use of colors of Sun.
  • Drink lots of water. Never drink water while standing. Best posture is to squat on the ground while drinking water. Drink liquids as if you are eating i.e. very slowly, and eat solids like you are drinking, chew a lot, which will generate saliva, which half digests your food and so will not be stored as fat in your body. 
  • Eat healthy and natural food - only when you are hungry. Even while eating your favourite food, don't gulp it, but keep it in your mouth as long as possible and go on chewing. This will give you a great satisfaction as it is only your tongue which craves for tasty food and by keeping it on your tongue for a long time not only will it get digested easily, but you won't overeat it.

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I love games. I enjoy playing. I thrive on challenges and all types of games and sports keep me captivated. 

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Turmeric - The King of Home Remedies

In Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical system which has its roots in Vedas, it has been emphasized that the best time to eat food is one hour after we get up in the morning till sunset in the evening. This is the time when the internal temperature in the body is higher than in the nights and because of this high internal temperature, the food gets digested easily.And naturally more energy is generated in the body. It is maintained in Ayurveda that eating late in the night, and taking heavy foods after sunset, tends to slow down the digestion, leads to acidity and other related diseases. It will also be the reason of accumulation of fat in the stomach and leads to obesity.

Medicines in your kitchen

Not only does the Ayurveda tells when to eat but also what to eat, how to eat and also there is a detailed description of the benefits of different types of cereals, vegetables, spices, fruits, milk, curd, buttermilk, herbs, and minerals. It is the result of hundreds of years of deep study and research. It has minutely studied and details of each spice is narrated with its medicinal value, and how they can be used in treating different diseases. It would be really worth to study the medicinal value of different spices in your kitchen and how they can be effectively used as medicines.

Turmeric - The great antiseptic in your kitchen

Out of so many important ingredients of the kitchen spices, one is turmeric powder. It is very useful and has many valuable medicinal qualities as described below :

  • Turmeric powder should be applied immediately on any burns, cuts and bleedings. It is antiseptic and will stop the bleeding and heal the burns.
  • Whenever there is pain in bones or there is swelling due to a fall or accident, this powder may be boiled in water and a thick paste may be formed. This paste can be applied on the swelling or on the painful part and the pain and swelling will naturally subside within 3-4 days.
  • If one is having tonsillitis  a paste of this powder along with glycerin tannic acid can be used to massage on tonsil with the tip of the finger and then the person may be asked to gargle with lukewarm salt water.
  • If small children are affected and they refuse or unable to gargle, or don't allow a massage, globules of the size of green peas may be made with this powder and jaggery and 8 to 10 pills a day be given to children to eat.
  • Turmeric acts as a blood purifier and hence can be taken with milk. Before going to bed, add a spoon of turmeric powder to warm milk, add sugar and drink. This soothes a sore throat. It should also be given this way to a mother after delivery which helps in faster contraction of the ovaries and inner parts.
  • The turmeric acts as a wonderful skin cleaner. Make a paste of turmeric and sandalwood powder mixed with edible oil and apply on face as a mask. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse and wash with cold water. Within a fortnight your face will turn bright and radiant.
  • Turmeric has also been found very effective in diabetic when taken with amla powder.
If we make a habit of eating and drinking only things that are useful to our body, and we chew them properly, the total intake of food will be reduced considerably and digestion will improve and we can lead a healthy life. And remember to use your spices for a healthy recipe and incase of any illness, most of the medicines are available in your kitchen.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Free Medical Check-Up

A Healthy Child   

Each one of us is born healthy. The organs in every human being function the same way. Unless there are some external accidents or internal hereditary complications, most of us are born healthy. But somewhere down the line we start losing our good health. This doesn't include the natural ageing process which is bound to happen. I am not discussing that aspect here. My focus here is to take care of our body, our organs and avoid day to day ailments and also avoid abusing the God given good health.

First Aid

There are some unforeseen influences which may cause some minor diseases and ill health. Instead of panicking and rushing to the doctor if we learn some basic factors and treatments for our body, we may save our health from further deterioration. It is so strange that since childhood we show interest in learning so many things and are curious of everything around us. But unfortunately we know so little about our body. Unless one is a medical student, one knows so little about these vital things which decide our very existence.

Must Read  Prevention and Treatment of common diseases

Please don't jump to conclusions. This article is not an advice to take things in your hands or avoid medicines and doctors. On the contrary, it is a guide on how to avoid situations which force you to go to the doctors.

Acupressure Points in our Body
The alphabets of this learning are the charts given alongside.Try to remember all these Acupressure points. Or post a chart by your mirror or wardrobe. Better still bookmark this page!
We should understand that our body is controlled by five elements of nature viz. earth, water,fire,wind and space and these five elements are controlled by the electricity of the life battery known as chi ( positive ) and chen ( negative ). This battery has been installed in our body at the time of conception.


Out of this battery, electric current passes in the body through the lines known as 'Meridians'. These lines start from the tip of each finger of the right hand, go all over the body and end in the toes of the right leg and and so also on the left side. So long as the current of electricity flows properly in the body, the body remains fit and healthy. If for any reason the current does not reach any part of the body, there is malfunctioning of that part accompanied by pain. If these indications are neglected, they may lead to illness. It is here Acupressure plays a vital role.

Acupressure is the Science of Nature which teaches us to cure diseases through the inbuilt mechanism of the body – the technique of how to send the current to all the desired parts of the body.

How to maintain Good Health :

All the Acupressure points are in feet and palms up to one inch below the wrist. So even if you do not know where all the points are located, you should start pressing from one inch from the wrist and slowly press the full palm and back and on all the fingers in the front and the back.By pressing all these points for five minutes each, all the parts of the body will be covered thus stimulating all the organs of the body. It is like complete alignment of the car. When all the parts are stimulated and working properly, one will feel very energetic and can maintain good health.

Please remember that continuous pressing is not required, but only intermittent pressure like pumping is to be applied.

Prevention of Sickness and Disease :

The very unique feature of this therapy is that when we press all the points for about 10 minutes everyday, all organs are activated and recharged and all the endocrine glands are normalised.  The net result will be elimination of possibility of any disease and also curing of all the existing illness.

By taking this treatment we will be immunising our body from any possible occurrence of the disease and it works as a preventive medical check-up.

Prevention and Treatment of common diseases
It should be always remembered that illness doesn't come overnight or diseases don't develop suddenly.Most of the diseases are caused by the breach of laws of Nature. Ignoring the warning signs of nature, when we indulge in excess of anything, neglect the fundamental rules of hygiene,the illness starts. The following are the indications given by the body before the onset of any disease :
  • There is less urination and so there is more accumulation of the toxins in the body.
  • The fire in the stomach becomes weak. One loses appetite. The food doesn't get digested, as a result there will be constipation or loose motion.

Owing to the above two reasons, the blood is not produced in the desired quantity and also the blood loses its purity.

When the blood is not oxygenated properly, it leads to impure blood, carbon dioxide and toxins are not thrown out of the body.  

When the toxins and carbon dioxide are collected around the vital organs of the body,the current of life 'Chetana' fails to penetrate and recharge the organs.That is when the malfunctioning of the organ or the disease develops around that organ.This decay starts depicting on the palms and soles.

Accumulation of toxins around the organs leads to the organs losing their efficiency, reduction in vitality and increase in fatigue.

In short, the body gets weak and becomes prone to germs and diseases.

If a disease is prolonged, it affects the endocrine glands and the first endocrine gland to be affected is Thyroid/Parathyroid gland. As all the glands are inter-related,the damage to one gland leads to malfunctioning of other glands and ultimately affecting the whole body.

By nature our body always wants to throw out alien bodies and hence whenever there are toxins causing germs in our body, it makes constant efforts to throw them out. It is here that Acupressure helps the body. When we press Acupressure points in our body, it sends a strong current to the affected part and tries to clear the carbon dioxide and toxins collected around that organ and purifies the blood. The toxins so pushed get collected in kidneys and so after giving therapy for all the concerned parts, it is very important to treat the kidney points which are the central parts of the palm and the sole at the points shown in the picture.

Body Language :

Our body indicates the symptoms with clear and lucid language. We should always heed to these communications and should take corrective steps at the very first indication. The signals the body sends out are :

  • The very first and strong signals are hunger, thirst, sleep, urination and motion. Any variation of pattern, excess or deficiency is the first indication.

  • The body gives out the strong message in the form of belching.

  • Ache or pain in any part of the body shows congestion of carbon dioxide, water, air etc.

  • The running nose and sneezing are the indications that there is excess water in the body.

  • Cough indicates that the cold in the body is creating congestion in throat and chest.

  • Itching shows that that particular part of the body needs more blood.
  • Fever indicates the battle in our body, i.e. white blood cells are fighting with germs of a disease.

  • Twisting of the body means the body is tired and needs rest and oxygen.

  • Loss of appetite is an indication of indigestion and the stomach is trying to fight the congestion and a disease. In such cases stomach needs rest and a treatment of Luke warm water. It is a precaution to take only liquids and allow the stomach to recoup.

  • Pain or the murmur in the heart indicates that the heart requires total rest and the best solution would be to take bed rest for 24 to 72 hours.

How to recharge the body ?

In order to get fast relief and stop the onslaught of the disease, the body needs to be taken care of and recharged by doing the following :

Perform Pranayama.

Drink lukewarm water, preferably copper/silver/gold charged and Health Drink.

Skip a meal or two. reduce the food intake and take fruits, vegetable juices and buttermilk, thus allowing rest to digestive system.

The battery of our body is recharged during sleep.So one should never be sleep deprived and at the beginning of first indication sleep and let the body recoup whenever you feel tired or when there is pain on more than 2 to 3 points on palms or soles. 

Monday, 8 July 2013

Chromotherapy - Use of Colours of Sun

In the Vedas, great praises are made of Sun and they are truly deserving. Our cosmos is existing because of Sun. All the living beings get their energy from the Sun. And this energy is abundant and unlimited. So it should be used to the maximum.

The Sun looks white but it has seven colours of violet, Indigo, Blue, green, Yellow, Orange and Red.Out of which first three create cool effect on the body and are also antiseptic.The last three colours create heat and green is neutral.

Dr.Edwin D Babbitt M.D. of US proved with experiments that in all types of patients, even with chronic diseases this chromotherapy is very effective.

the effect of different colours in different diseases :

Violet : Bones and bone marrow, tumour, baldness, cataract and blindness.

Indigo : Eyes-nose-throat problems, facial paralysis, diseases of lungs, asthma, T.B. less digestive power, problems of nervous system, convulsion and madness.

Blue : Whooping cough, all types of disease, problems in throat, fever, typhoid,smallpox, measles, ulcers in mouth, cholera, swelling in brain, problems of nerves, insomnia, mental depression, problems of semen discharge, burns, bleeding from nose etc.

Dr.Edwin calls this blue colour as the world's best antiseptic and that is why the blue sky during the day has such beneficial influences on the world.

Green : Heart problems, low and high B.P, skin problems, cancer, influenza, syphilis, pain in eye etc.

Yellow : All disorders of digestion, spleen, liver problems, diabetes, leprosy etc.

Orange : Long term asthma, bronchitis, swelling in trachea, gout, swelling kidney, mental nervousness, epilepsy etc.

Red : Anemia, disability, sluggishness, cold, paralysis, white spots, arthritis T.B etc.

How to take such Rays?

90 minutes from sunrise and 60 minutes before Sunset, keep the glass of desired colour in the sunlight in such a way that the rays will fall on the affected parts. While taking this sunlight, care should be taken to see that the patient is not exposed to strong direct wind.

If that is not possible, take a coloured bulb of 60 or 100 watts. If such coloured bulb is not available, take a plain bulb, take a gelatine paper, fourfold the same and wrap it around the bulb and light the lamp. keep the affected part 18 to 20 inches away and take the light for 5 to 10 minutes, twice a day.

How to take such colours through water ?

Take a glass bottle of the desired colour. Fill it with 3/4 th and keep it on a wooden plank. And keep it in sunlight for at least 3 hours between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. If such a bottle is kept in sunlight for more than 3 hours, it is not harmful. Just take care that this type of coloured water is not exposed to any other types of colours.

Now the colour medicated water can be given to the patient at the interval of 15 minutes to 120 minutes depending upon the intensity of the disease. In case  water of other colour is necessary to give, it can be given alternatively.

This is the therapy of the nature and can be effectively used with Acupressure. Acupressurist should study this therapy and should use it with care.

Biochemical Medicines
Just like in sea water, there is salt in our body. But both are different. The water in our body does not contain salt and we get this through food and vegetables we eat. If we do not take enough salt required for our body it may lead to the deficiency of salt which may lead to some diseases. And when we take such salts, the diseases will be cured.Dr.Schussler of germany has made a research of this known as Biochemistry. He has maintained that there are millions of tiny cells in our body and when any of these twelve salts are taken in tiny form, it will reach the cells and the disease will be cured.

This is a very simple therapy and the medicines are available in all leading Homeopathy stores and can be purchased across the counter. The best part is that they have no side effects and with a little study, one can gain expertise on how to use them.

1. Calcarea Phos ( Calcium Phosphate ) :

    Teeth, Bones, Blood and tissues.

  Useful for all problems connected with teeth, bones, blood and tissues. It               
  is useful in all problems connected with tissues i.e. worry, cold,less 
  appetite,breathing,difficult urination etc.

2. Calcar Sulfate ( Calcium Phosphate )

    Lying between the tissues.

    Useful for driving out toxins, cold, cough,T.B. boils, ulcer, swelling in  
    ears, puss and blood in urine.Arthritis etc.

3. Calc Flour ( Calcium Fluoride )

    Nerves, Muscles 

    It gives contraction. So wherever these nerves and muscles have become  
    loose, this medicine is used to give them tone.

4. ferrum Phos ( Ferrous Phosphate )

    In the blood cells

    Anemia - for all problems due to deficiency in blood, all types of fever. For    
    lack of concentration, In forgetfulness.

5. Kali Mur ( Potassium Chloride ) 

    Blood, Muscles and Nerves

    For all problems regarding blood- nerves, indigestion, vomiting, loose
    motions and in swelling of delicate nerves. Good for breathing problems.

6. kali Phos ( Potassium Phosphate ) 

   Brain - nerves and Muscles

   All problems connected with brain and central nervous system.This is        
   considered king of all twelve salts.

7. Kali Sulph (Potassium Sulphate )

    Skin and arteries

    All problems of skin, and due to improper functioning of perspiration or due 
    to germs. Arthritis- fever useful to ladies to increase skin beauty.

8. Mag Phos ( Magnesium Phosphate )

    Muscles, bone marrow

    It is expanding vasodilator, all types of pains, headaches, convulsions.   
    Epilepsy, paralysis etc.

9. Natrum Mur ( Sodium Chloride )

   Water of body

   Sunstroke, dehydration, Insomnia- weakness of brain, Palpitation etc.10. 

10. Natrum Phos ( Sodium Phosphate ) 

    Water of body

    Acidity, worms, dullness of memory and improper functioning of heart.

11. Natrum Sulph 

     Water of body 

     Controls water of body and enables more urine.

12. Silica

     Water of body

     This is element of earth - works as a surgeon of body.Very useful in boils.

Now if allopathic medicines are being given previously, in order to nullify its effects, one dose of 4 pills of Thuja 200 should be given

This supplementation of basic biochemic medicines can be put in glass bottle of desired colour for 3 to 5 hours to get faster relief.

In this way if these bio-chemic medicines  basic salts are taken along with regular treatment of Acupressure, the possibility of diseases will be reduced to a minimum.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

How to prevent old age and maintain youthfulness ?
The human body is one of the wonderful creations of God. Our body is well equipped with the best, automatic, delicate but most powerful gadgets. Heart and Lungs - a  pump set working non-stop,  Eyes - the most efficient set of camera and the projector systems, Ears - an astounding sound system, Stomach - an effective chemical laboratory, Nerves - an uncomparable miles of communication system, brain - an unparalleled computer with infinite capacity. And the greatest thing about all these is the unbelievable co-ordinations of all these machines so that the body can easily work for over a hundred years or so. 

Problems of aging :

Death is certain. In fact only certain thing about this life is death. But everybody would like to maintain good health till the last breath.
The current of Life, Chetana is charged from the body from the right hand.The   control point of this current is one inch circle on the front part of the right hand between the wrist and the elbow.By giving two minutes treatment, i.e. intermittent pressure on this point, the excess discharge of Chetana is controlled. This will enable all to maintain youthfulness for a long period and delay old age.This treatment is a must for all men and women after age of 40.

It is interesting to note that regular treatment on this point even by aged people will greatly benefit them and they will start feeling more energetic, younger and less tired.

Planning :

Now that you have learnt how to prevent old age and remain youthful, it is almost necessary to have proper plans for the retirement.Activities of your choice must be increased. Develop new hobbies common to both or complementary to each other. Start taking interest in reading, writing and Fine Arts, Music, Painting, gardening etc. Moreover move around a lot and see the world and meet people.You will feel oneness with them.

The most important part is that up till now, your activities were centred around you. Start taking interest in others' welfare and find new avenues of great joy.Reduce your expectations and try to fulfil others' expectations.

Breathe Right :

The battery of this life is recharged when we breathe and breathe in the right way. Though it seems automatic and natural action of every living being, the science of breathing goes a long way in the way we live and maintain our health. Our body has a special in-built device to recharge through proper breathing. 

When we breath through the right nostril, as it is connected with sun-positive, the heat in the body increases. Similarly, when we breathe through the left nostril connected to moon-negative, the degree of internal heat decreases. It has been observed that the difference between highest and lowest temperature is .09 c.

When we breathe through the right nostril, the air goes into the brain and recharges positive part of of our brain which is called as white matter. At that time blood charged with air breathed in through white nostril goes into the first ventricle and positive heat will be stored.When it reaches the peak level,the current flows towards the negative and breathing naturally changes to the left nostril.The cooler air then goes into the brain and charges the negative substance called gray matter.

The mistake committed by most of us while breathing is that we don't take deep breaths but indulge in shallow breathing thus losing most benefits of perfect deep breathing. Just while reading this, try taking a deep breath and observe how shallowly you were breathing. So regularly do Pranayama where you will be doing proper breathing by conscious efforts, but make it a practice to constantly observe your breathing pattern and try to rectify it ill the deep breathing becomes your natural habit.

Food :

Try to reduce it as much as possible.Increase intake of green juices, fruit juices. green salads, fruits, yoghurts etc, which are easily digestible and which will give you enough energy. Very soon you will be near Nature and every morning will bring you new joy and new meanings of life.And you will feel young and you will feel confident of scoring a century.