Thursday, 16 May 2013

Kerala Paratha with Mixed Vegetable Curry

Kerala Paratha 

Preparation time :  30 minutes
Cooking time      :  30 minutes

Ingredients :

Wheat flour                   2 cups
Maida                           2 cups
Baking powder               1/2 teaspoon
Curds                           1 cup
Sugar                           1 teaspoon
Salt                            1/2 teaspoon
Ghee                            2 tablespoons

Mix all the above in water to prepare dough. Knead well and set aside for at least one hour.

Preparation :

Make round balls with the dough.

Press and roll into round rotis as shown in the picture.  

Apply ghee over the surface.

Holding at both ends fold into pleats as shown in the picture.

Roll into circles. 

Repeat this for all the dough balls.

Pressing lightly roll into parotas . The pleats formed should be visible as shown in the picture.

Putting oil or ghee on both sides cook on a tava .

After removing from the tava press sideways as shown in the picture.

Layered Keral Parota is ready. Serve hot with mixed vegetable curry.