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kea.kar.nic.in - Karnataka CET Results


Karnataka CET results are being declared today. The ranking in this Common Entrance Test will decide the admission to the college you will get in Engineering and Medical Colleges in Karnataka..

The results will be out today by 5.30 PM. The results will be available in the official website of Karnataka CET cell at the link  www.kea.kar.nic.in

The Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) had conducted the CET for this year from May 1 st to May 10 in which nearly 1,75,000 candidates appeared from across the country. 

Another web site where you can view the declared CET results is at www.cet.kar.nic.in .for results you can also call the numbers :    080 - 23568201,23568202,23462599,23462758,23461575,23564583. Fax : 080 - 23461576. 

For those of you who are eager to know the results of your classmates, relatives and friends, but whose register number is not available, you may log on to www.indiaresults.com where by just matching the name and the father's name, you can verify the results and marks.


The top three Engineering colleges in Karnataka are RV College, PES College and BMS Engineering College. The teaching, faculty, Placement and extra curricular activities in these three colleges make the students to throng to them. But there is no need to worry for those less fortunate. Don't worry that you are missing these colleges by narrow margin. There is always casual round and if you are willing to pay extra fees, you can opt for comedK seats. 

TOP BRANCHES IN ENGINEERING :http://www.kar.nic.in/kea/

The most coveted branch in Engineering with top ranked students opting for these courses in Electronics followed by Computer Science and Information Science. But a little known secret here. As a knowledge gaining branch Electronics may be coveted but the job opportunities are available aplenty in CS and IS branches. Of course one can learn computers and programming of-campus too but then there would be a gap between what they have learnt and on what they would be working in future. It is also a well known fact that the companies would prefer Computer Science and Information Science students and they would be recruited on first priority. So the choice is entirely yours.


Absolutely. There is room for everyone. The number of seats in Engineering Colleges in Karnataka exceeds the number of students and there is a sure chance of getting a seat. And unlike school and PUC, the students are expected to study by themselves and not depend on the lectures in the college. Further there are wonderful online computer classes like www.newbotson.com where there are classes on every program. So cheer up.All the very best. Godspeed.

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Why do I Blog ???

Why do I Blog ???

This is a post in response to Finish the sentence Friday Blog hop by Janine Huldie, Evans Hall, Stephanie Sprenger and Dawn. And the topic of the week is " I blog because..."

I started blogging  for myself.. And my family... So here it started....

I love cooking and it is a most creative and fulfilling art form for me. And I wanted to leave this legacy for my children. It would be a recipe book, a gift my children would love to refer back. Here this took shape..

Being from India, my life revolves around Yoga and Pranayama.... And the holistic treatment....And healthy way of cooking, eating, drinking and of course living....So I have to blog about this...
Then there is love of my life, my source of strength, that ever loving, caring little pug named POGO. I can't stop clicking his photo and sharing his little adventures and nakhras.....
But of course, sharing the culture and heritage of my great country - India. A country with vibrant colors and festivals, arts and architecture. 
....And of course to share, talk and interact with YOU, my fellow bloggers and the readers out there...This one is for you...

Thursday, 23 May 2013



This is an in depth analysis and guide for the Nature cure hospital at Shantivana - Ujire - Dharmasthala - Karnataka - India.                       

Dhanyosmi! This was the overwhelming feeling I had about the noble souls who had envisioned and started this Nature Care Hospital for a holistic treatment. They had a vision, a noble cause and a yearning to serve and guide the society towards a healthy living.

I had first heard about the nature care hospital at  Dharmasthala way back  may be in 2006-2007 when my friend Sujatha from Tumkur, who had been there for treatment narrated her wonderful experiences. She was all praises for the service oriented treatment meted out there. It had always remained at the back of my mind that I should visit the place. In fact just a month back when we programmer friends at the monthly meet were sharing our health and stress woes, we were sort of planning that at least once we should skip this daily mundane and escape to Dharmasthala. I, in my wildest dreams, would not have imagined that exactly one month later when all my colleagues were attending the meeting, I would be here in Dharmasthala indulging in a holistic treatment for the body and soul.  

Yes. That is what it is. I think there is a wrong notion that one should visit this place only when one has health issues or obesity problems. Contrary to this I feel that once one reaches 40, it is a place one must visit ( But of course, there is always heavy demand and one has to book the rooms very well in advance and generally, very healthy persons are not solicited, as they want to address the problems of the patients first.)

The accommodation in Ujire has been made to suits to all pockets and budgets. There is a general ward for Rs.300 per person per day, a special room at Rs.450 per day on twin sharing, Deluxe rooms on twin sharing at Rs.700 per day which has TV and AC. Then there are cottages which cost Rs.1250 per day per person,wherein the  occupants  have the advantage of having some of the massages and food in their rooms. The rent includes the room rent and food charges.For additional treatments they charge a nominal fee which works out to approximately Rs.1000 for  
a stay of ten days, with two treatments per day.If one needs further treatments like acupuncture, physio-therapy, then it costs about another 50 rupees per day.       
The procedure of admission is quite simple. The rooms can be booked over phone, but well in advance. Immediately on arrival, an in-house doctor will check us,   prescribe further clinical tests needed, if any, gives us a diet scheme depending on our body constitution and health problems. These notes will be recorded on a  card which will be updated everyday by the doctor visiting us. We are supposed to carry this card  for all our treatments, juices and foods.  

Well, talking about food, this could prove the ultimate boon or bane for our stay. Here is the real catch. Those who have a strong will power and self-control over their food habits need not worry. For weak minded, or those who love food                                                    

( then, who would not!? )   this is a strict 
no-no. We are not supposed to carry any eatables from home. At the entrance gate itself the security will whisk us and take away any eatables found on us. Once we enter inside, other than the food provided by the staff, we will  get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Forget tea or coffee, even milk is out of our reach. But if you have some funny bones, you will thoroughly enjoy the sights there at the dining area! 

It will be a sight to watch how people used to indulge in sumptuous meals looking longingly at a hot chapati or a person weighing more than 100 kgs holding his cup of papaya gingerly and take half an hour to eat it or the girls who are officers back home in their towns, but are on juice diet at the centre pouncing on the plates of persons who are allowed rice. 

There are  three varieties of diet foods provided here :  boiled diet, raw diet, and juice. The taste every day for every food remains just the same ( In fact I always wondered how could they prepare it exactly the same way everyday. If you have tasted it for one day, then you have tasted it for all days! ) The boiled diet consists of rice boiled with a little green gram dal, a few vegetables and just a hint of salt and pepper. A few boiled vegetables, which would be cucumber, ashgourd or sorekai – thats it!  - again with a hint of salt and pepper.
You have a choice of soup or buttermilk. Hello don't jump with joy. Soup means the vegetable stock of the above mentioned vegetables and butter milk without salt or sugar ! Plus a cup of papaya or one apple.
The evening food will be the same type of vegetables with two dry chapatis instead of rice and everything else will remain the same. For raw diet, it is a salad of cucumber or carrot – I would rather not use the word salad because except the cut vegetables, it has no other ingredients – and on occasional lucky days you will find finely chopped apple or pineapple in it. No salt or khara ! And if the doctor thinks that it will be more food for you, they may just prescribe one apple or one cup papaya along with buttermilk or soup. Mind you, if you feel instead of buttermilk let me take soup – sorry madam, you have to get doctor's permission – who will be available in the dining hall - before taking the plate. Once you cross that point, even if you beg, it cannot be changed. Sorry.
And for those less fortunate souls, who are over weight,it is a glass of juice four times a day ! Don't feel so sad, at dinner and lunch time, they will 
keep the juice made from lime and honey and you can have an extra cup or two! Other than that if you complain of tiredness you are advised to drink lots of water. Don't worry, you will get used to it and in extreme situations, doctors are there round the clock to take care !

The food picture looks extremely bleak – is it ?  No that is not the case. If you feel you will not be able to sustain or feel weak, you can approach the doctor      next day who will switch over the diet from raw to boiled or increase the number of chapatis or fruits. But then forget about the weight loss ! But for the fortunate few who need not worry about the weight, there is a choice of ragi ganji at 9 am. and sprouts with cucumber slices at 4 pm, plus a cup of milk at 9 pm. BUT FORGET ABOUT THE TASTE, SALT AND SUGAR AND SPICES! It is the principle of the hospital that not only should you eat SATWIK food, but control your craving for food too.

The daily routine is : getting up at 5 in the morning, go for a walk, yoga and pranayama  from 5.30 to 7 A.M. At 7.30, it is juice – whichever the doctor has prescribed for you , it may be line and honey, carrot, ash gourd or bitter gourd.  Then back to rooms where everybody will sleep for a mud pack on their eyes and tummy for about 20 minutes. Immediately after, rush with your card to the treatment area where you will be given the treatment which your doctor has prescribed for you. 
These treatments any day beat the best of spas' treatment. It includes a variety of water treatment like hip bath, spinal bath, cold or neutral water immersion bath, jet bath, whirlpool.... There are still many more. Or steam bath, souna, reclining steam bath, oil massage, mud bath, haldi pack... you name it and they have it. Essentially it is back to nature - an idea of treating us with five elements earth, wind, water, fire and the sky. I must never forget the attitude of the staff involved in the treatments. They always have a smile on their lips and a spring in their feet. They are virtuous  to a fault.

Each treatment is given with such a sincerity and dedication that you will feel like you are in the lap of your mother when the personnel share your pain with a sympathetic understanding and rejoice at your relief. 

We were fortunate to be at this place on 15 th August and in the serene atmosphere on a bright and sunny morning we witnessed the flag hoisting and sang the National Anthem with a pride. After the ceremony we were no less than the school children when trays filled with some covers arrived at the venue. There was excitement all around and murmurs of laddoos, chocolates, sweets filled the air. You should have seen the face of all the recipients when they opened the covers and found that there were two dry dates and two tiny pieces of rock sugar in it! What a healthy way of celebration! 

Though the entire building is spread over a vast area, a french architect has designed it so well that from every room, hall and window you can view a garden and rain.
If this is the photo of our bathroom window you can very well imagine how the entire building is built. The rooms, treatment and yoga centre are all a midst greens and gardens and throughout your walk from one end to the other, there is proper shelter so that no rain or sun can dampen or hamper your spirits. 

There is a swimming pool, a gym,a hillock to walk and indoor games and library. But library and TV will be available only at free or rest time so that nobody misses the treatments or sessions. The yoga and pranayama are taught with utmost proficiency and personal care. 

There is a personalised treatment and care for every inmate and on the last day we would be given a follow up chart and advice for our treatment and diet back home. That day, we will be given passes to visit Sri Manjunatheshwara Temple which entitles us a direct entry to the sanctum sanctorum.

I have a greatest sense of gratitude towards Dharmadhikari Sri Veerendra Hegde, The Man behind this noble venture and when I had the fortune of meeting him at Dharmasthala, I made an humble request to him to start one such unit in our very own Bangalore. My joy knew no bounds when he informed me that the land has already been purchased on Tumkur road in Bangalore and the treatment centre may come up there soon.Amen!

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Bengaluru Darshan - My style - By POGO the PUG

www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash
Hi Guys. Nice meeting you all. Remember me? I am POGO the pug. Aw common. I know you all have been hearing about me from my mom through her blog and facebook and have become my fans. Oh here is the blog and she has kept a separate block just for me. So sweet.I too love her a lot. This time I myself wanna narrate my adventures and my looong trip to Shobha aunt's house.

  www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

So what if the journey was long? The house is beautiful!
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Lemme check everything...
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Will just go around n make some friends....
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

I peeped into the house upstairs n they all started shouting n yelling.. He.. He...Scared them :-D
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Lemme have some rest. After all it was a long journey :-(
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Hey where are you guys goin ???
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

I also wanna join please...
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

So what if you are going to a hotel?
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

I promise I will be a good boy...
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Wait ... I am comin... I am comin....
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

How could you do this to me?
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

I am also part of the family....

Please dad....
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Nooooo, I won't eat till you promise to take me too....
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Long drive....
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash
Boy...What a day .......
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Lemme upload my photos....
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Mom's Blog.....
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash
Gosh! Am i tired?
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Please don't disturb...
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Lemee sleeeeeeep...........
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash
see ya.....
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

Buh  Bye.....
www.chitrannaa.blogspot.in - lalitha prakash

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Kerala Paratha with Mixed Vegetable Curry

Kerala Paratha 

Preparation time :  30 minutes
Cooking time      :  30 minutes

Ingredients :

Wheat flour                   2 cups
Maida                           2 cups
Baking powder               1/2 teaspoon
Curds                           1 cup
Sugar                           1 teaspoon
Salt                            1/2 teaspoon
Ghee                            2 tablespoons

Mix all the above in water to prepare dough. Knead well and set aside for at least one hour.

Preparation :

Make round balls with the dough.

Press and roll into round rotis as shown in the picture.  

Apply ghee over the surface.

Holding at both ends fold into pleats as shown in the picture.

Roll into circles. 

Repeat this for all the dough balls.

Pressing lightly roll into parotas . The pleats formed should be visible as shown in the picture.

Putting oil or ghee on both sides cook on a tava .

After removing from the tava press sideways as shown in the picture.

Layered Keral Parota is ready. Serve hot with mixed vegetable curry.

Mixed Vegetable Curry


Preparation Time :  20 minutes
Cooking Time      :  30 minutes


• Potatoes                               2 medium

• Carrots                                 2 medium

• French beans                       10

• Cauliflower                          1/4 small florets

• Shelled green peas               1/2 cup
• Green capsicum                    1 medium
• Oil                                      3 tablespoons
• Cumin seeds                        1 teaspoon
• Curry leaves                         10-12
• Onions,chopped                    2 medium
• Garam masala powder            1/2 teaspoon
• Fresh cream                          ½  cup
• Salt to taste

Masala paste

    • Onion                                     1 medium

    • Scraped coconut                       1/2 cup

    • Garlic cloves                            8-10

    • Ginger                                    1 inch piece
    • Roasted coriander seeds           2 tablespoons
    • Dried red chillies,seeded           2
    • Green chilli,roughly chopped      1
    • Salt to taste

Preperation :

Cut all the vegetables into 2 inch cubes. Heat 3 tablespoons oil in a pressure cooker.

For the masala roughly chop onion, add coconut, garlic, roughly chopped ginger, roasted coriander seeds, dried red chillies, green chilli and salt and grind to a fine paste with little water.

Add cumin seeds, curry leaves and onions to the pressure cooker and fry lightly colored.

Add potatoes, carrots, beans, cauliflower and ground masala and mix well. Rinse the mixer jar with a little water and add.

Add salt, green peas, capsicum and garam masala powder and mix well. Close the cooker and cook under pressure till 1 whistle is given out. Lower heat and cook for 5-6 minutes.

Open the lids of the cooker when the pressure reduces completely add fresh cream and serve hot with roti or chapatti.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

BMS College of Engineering

During the last week, Bangalore city, especially south has been abuzz with a flurry of activities from the students of BMS engineering college. It was that time of the year which not only students from  BMS and other engineering colleges of the city,but across the country would be waiting with great anticipation and bated breath. Sports,technical and cultural extravaganza lasts for three days and has been adjudged The Best college fest of the state.
With a daughter who is a student, an alumni son and husband who is both an alumni and a professor at BMS college of Engineering, it is like a family event and had always pulled me along.

BMS college – B M Sreenivasaiah college of Engineering – the name evokes a feeling of pride among its students and teachers and a sense of awe among the public. Being from North Karnataka and having studied Arts, I had never heard of this college till I married Prof.A.Prakash, who was a lecturer in this college. Since we stay in the neighborhood, I saw the college just a few days into our marriage and was immensely impressed by the look and the ambiance of the college. Everyday when I passed the college on the way to my office, I used to experience a sense of belonging.

For the first 10-15 years after marriage, I looked upon it just as my husband's working place. But once my children completed schooling and the buzz words of PUC, CET and Engineering started echoing in my life, I started looking at the college with different eyes. I was told by my husband that it is one of the top three Engineering colleges of karnataka and only meritorious top ranking students can get an admission into it.

That set a dream not only in me but also in my children to aim for a rank good enough to get into BMS college. Initially I was more enthusiastic than others and would look at the children – students walking in and out of the college on my way to the office - with  a lot of hope and dreams that one day I would see my children there.

Then the unexpected happened. I belong to North karnataka and having studied and worked in small towns, had a different perspective of looking at things. What one would call a small town mentality - if you please. I noticed girls and boys looking and dressing in a very glamorous and trendy outfits and they all looked like models and film stars.

The old fashioned mother in me started worrying. In our towns, students could be classified into just two categories. Those who did fashion and make-up, never studied well and would fail in the examination and those who were bright and studious, who never bothered about their looks and were generally not so well dressed. Either black or white – no grey. And here was the BMS college where I could not locate even a single shabbily dressed boy or girl. When do these children study ? Are they interested in academics? Are there any extra-curricular and cultural activites?                                                     
I got disheartened but didnot share my fear with my husband.I wanted to send my children to this college but was worried that if I express my feelings, my husband would either join me in deciding against it or he may scold me for casting aspersions on the students of his college. Either way I would be doomed. After all he too was also a student of this college!
Then one day my husband brought some ten magazines of his college students. Written, edited and published for the students, by the students. Boy! Was I stumped! I didnot get up from the place till I finished reading all the ten magazines. They were extremely intelligent, articulate and well written articles. There were witty jokes, tongue in cheek humor, technical discussions, results of inter-college competitions, photos of VTU rank holders from the college and yes – of course – the photos of the girls and the boys on the ramp in fashion shows! I was so happy and relieved that I decided I will never share what I thought of BMS with the other three members of my family! Hope they don't read this!

Coming to the fest this year, my daughter, who is in Arts club was involved head over heels with the programs - planning,designing and implementing wonderful ideas along with her friends from the Arts club in creating the magic of the continent Europe – the theme this year was “Around the World in Three Days”. One should see those wonderful creations to believe what these children can create! Look at this – This was last year's Utsav banner – so well co-ordinated in kannada and English.               

This year I was fortunate to attend in the inaugural function and had a wonderful evening where film stars Ramesh, Yash, Radhika Pandit and Music director Hansalekha were the chief guests and regaled the audience with their witty humor and quick repartee.

 I had a lump in my throat when the students of the biggest technical college, dressed in western and Indian classics taking their guests to the dais to the beats of Dollu and Janapada dance. What a beautiful blend of Arts and Technology! 

The three eventful days passed and I heaved a sigh of relief because I could not bear my little daughter toiling day and night throughout the month and was worried about her health and endurance. When she came back in the night and sat with her legs up with a sense of exaustion but her eyes glinting with happiness of the mission accomplished, I asked her casually whether she has her camera safe and she replied in the affirmative.
But within ten minutes she was desperately calling her friends asking whether any one of them had her camera. Alas nobody had a clue and a silence fell in the house with the spirits dampened and the mood continued to the next days. I felt really sorry looking at her sad face and somehow the subject of fest was studiously being avoided in the house, each not wanting to hurt the other.  

A day or two  had passed when my beaming daughter informed that her senior student had called to tell that he had found a camera in the campus lawns and on learning her name and number promised to return it the next day. And true to his words, he returned it and went off without waiting to hear words of gratitude.
We are at that time of the age when if we so much as keep a plastic cover on our compound, it will vanish within no time and here we had a boy who, being very well aware that he could have kept the camera with nobody finding out was sincere and honest in returning it.

Nowadays it is constant refrain that the present generation is insensitive, selfish, careless who never respect their elders and et all. But let us be receptive,open our eyes and look around. This is a generation of Mary Koms and Kejariwals, students who plunge into anti corruption movement, who throng to join in a fight against the rapists, who shed silent tears at the plight of Nirbhaya, who don't hesitate to take stand. This is a generation of children who dress in denims and tees but have a golden heart. This is a generation who motivate the people to come out and vote, who know their Modis and Rahuls as much as they know their Sachins and Dravids. This is a generation with blazers and ties .... along with their dhotis ...... Serious when needed and letting their hair down too..Watch This ......  

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