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Engagement ...........

The D Day is here!                                                                

Vinay my nephew is getting engaged today to Shwetha Kumar, his classmate turned friend turned beloved after a looong courtship of five years ( Vinu and Shwetha -  is it five or six or seven years or more? Both of you are not forthcoming with correct details. Don't worry, we have means of finding it out and sure will do!)  

The preparations have been on for quite some time. Soumya my niece, Rashmi my daughter and Shreya, Shweta's sister are the most excited of the  lot and have been planning and planning ....and planning everything to the minutest details. After all it is the first marriage in both the families...
Gosh, how can anyone let such important things get messed up or go wrong? The first and foremost is the dress - what and which and how and when - everything had to be discussed, Googled, dreamed - and finally materialized. Whether it should be a saree, ghagra choli, lehnga or salwar suit and then closing in on a color and of course the tailor - it involved so much of hectic planning.
Then comes the appointment with the parlor  For facial, hair style, hair coloring, eye brows. The three girls would be euphoric dreaming about the details, and sometimes would have nightmares dreading the catastrophe - if the beauticians not following the details or messing up with the fine points. Thank God, He has been kind and everything has turned up well...

Oh yes, how can one forget the clutches, the matching stilettos and The Jewellery. Guests, be prepared for the most enchanting bride with exquisite jewellery and the beautiful girls having their  dazzling smiles and jewellery competing with each other!

The best blessing from God - or is it the Marxists - is the day being declared Bharath Bandh against the economic policies of the Central Government. Schools and colleges declaring holiday is the biggest boon. Of course the option of bunking was always there but still the pleasure of not missing attendance and the labs and the headache of self study has been lifted from the minds. Boy, are the girls delighted!

But the Bandh has a downside too. Last minute make up and the mehendi programs had to be preponed. We had a blast yesterday night in Gandhi Bazaar. Because of the hectic last day before the D Day, the mehendi program got pushed to the last minute. Of course Shwetha was smarter to get it done in the late afternoon. By the way, we poked our noses in her mehendi design, rather length of the design Shwetha had planned in consultation with Vinay. (Sure it must be looking stunning on the hands of the beautiful bride).

At 10 o'clock in the night Rashmi, on her last task of the day was rushing to Gandhi Bazaar for mehendi, decided to pull me along. I had almost settled for the day, with oil dripping from my hair, all jewels removed. Dressed in my nightie, I was pulled out from my bed and pushed into the car. How could I let Shaila, my sister and the grooms'  mother miss the fun? we pulled out her also and in a flash of a second were sitting in front of the mehendi artists.Imagine walking in that avatar on Gandhi bazaar main road. If any of our friends and colleagues had seen us at that time, I am sure they would not have recognized us.

The occasion was equally thrilling for another soul - our pugPogo! He rushed along with us and had a free run in Gandhi bazaar. The entire footpath was at his disposal and with most of the shops closed, he lifted his leg at every shop and had long walks with my hubby Prakash. And he had his own fun too. Stealthily he would walk behind the artists putting mehendi and bark and scare their wits out. We would shake with laughter, causing the embarrassed artists to glare at us. And we could not hide our amusement when we overheard another customer next shop arguing with the artists that she should be charged less as she had small hands! When we had almost got the mehendi on our hands, Rashmi asked whether I had my purse with me. No madam, none of us had a penny on us. Thankfully Prakash had come with his wallet and was more than willing to oblige. Not only that. He performed the role of the chauffeur with great dignity, opening the car doors for us and dropping everybody, obliging to take our photos and in the night offering us garam chai with a straw!

We will take a break here..... Will be back with the details of the fun filled engagement evening later.

Keep a watch !!!

We shall meet The Engagement Ceremony ........

The Art of Cooking Tip # 6 How to teach cooking to your children ?


“Mom! I am so hungry! What is special for dinner?”
“Yeah, I know. I have kept the cooker. Will do fresh Rice and Sambar.”
“Again rice and sambar? Mom why don't you prepare some snacks or special dishes?”
“Putta, even I am tired. I had prepared puris in the morning no? Now you eat rice.”
“Who wants to eat rice? If you are tired, you are preparing rice no? Instead prepare something special.”
“Preparing rice is simple. Since morning I have been working at home and office. I am too exhausted. Please don't make fuss.”
“I won't make fuss if you prepare what I like. Else let us order some pizza.”
“ Just on Sunday, you have ordered Pizza. You know it is so unhealthy.”
“So what, at least it tastes better than your rice.”
“You are grown up. If you are so particular why don't you prepare something yourself?”
“Oh mom, I am so tired and you are asking me to prepare. All my friends have special dishes everyday, only you are like this.”
“Go ask your friends. At least I prepare fresh hot food in the evening too. In many houses they make only fresh rice and eat with the sambar prepared in the morning.”
“But why should we eat like that? I am going to sleep. I am not hungry. I don't want anything .......”

Sounds very familiar?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

In life the next best thing after seeing your children grow - nay almost similar
 -  is the pleasure of watching your plants grow. Birth and growth are always synonymous with life.It is always a miracle sowing seeds in earth, giving it water and sunlight and watch the seed sprouting into a sapling. And soon blooming with flowers and fruits and looking gratified when we pluck the flowers. The most selfless life on earth! What a beautiful gift by nature and God!
Gardening is the best healing therapy. It lifts the mood and elevates the spirits. I feel it is one form of hard work which rather rejuvenates than tires. I can vouch for this as I had the pleasure of undergoing this therapy recently.
Post my spinal operation, I had developed a deficiency of vitamin D and was told by the doctors that for us vegans, sitting in sunlight is the only option as the vitamin D is rich only in non-veg food. I started to sit in the sunlight on my terrace and in no time music, FM, newspapers and magazines started losing their charm. I needed something more creative to hold me. Being always extremely passionate about plants and fauna, I started my little terrace garden and now within a span of just three months, they are all blooming with lovely flowers in different colors and hues. 

Every plant, flower has an anecdote, a fond memory of the bygone days, or the memories you shared with your loved ones. Come, let me take you on a little journey through my little garden.

This is the front view of my house and since it is west facing, I had great difficulty in getting sunlight for my plants. then I decided to go for crepe and spread it across a --------- so that sunlight falls directly on it, it not only gives shelter but also adds beauty to the building. Just imagine, eight years back I paid ten thousand bucks and got it fixed even before I had planted the sapling. And today it is full of orange, pink bloom of bougainvillea  Worth every effort!

These are the pots and plants I bought first on Kanakapura road on my way back from my friend savithri's house. I got a wide variety of saplings at a very competitive rate from the nursery.

My next destination was Indo-American Hybrid seeds on K.R.Road. This is every gardener's favorite destination. The collection, the variety and the most scientific methods adopted by this unit is worth emulating. It is every plant lover's pilgrimage. Have you visited it yet?