Wednesday, 4 January 2012

How to make PESARATTU


Green gram                          250 gms
Onion                                  100 gms
Ginger                                   25gms
Green chillies                          4-5
Coriander leaves                    50 gram
Cumin powder                        1 tea spoon
Oil for frying
Salt to taste

Method :

Soak green gram overnight. Grind to a slightly coarse consistency ( as for idlis).

Add salt, cumin powder. Keep the batter aside for 10-12 hours till it becomes sour.
Finely chop onions, ginger, chillies and coriander. Add to the above mixture. Add the desired amount of water to the mixture so that the batter spreads easily on the tawa.
Heat tawa and grease it. Spread ½ cup of batter on it in a round shape. Cook in a shallow fire.