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What is Reiki - The Holistic Treatment

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese word  made up of two key words : Rei meaning "Universal" or "Spiritual" and Ki means " life energy force " equivalent of Sanskrit Prana. Reiki is generally understood as a simple hands on healing system which is extremely easy and effective. It was rediscovered in 19 th century by Japanese doctor Dr. Mikao Usui. This alternative method of medicine is used to heal oneself and others.
Reiki is the primal energy. Thinkers, and philosophers have taught since ancient times that this universe is made up of energy. Modern physicists have now validated this belief that myriad forms the universe appears to take are energy impulses impregnated with information and pulsating at varying frequencies. Reiki, fundamentally is a energy which the universe is made up of. Reiki therefore is all encompassing and omnipresent.

Reiki symbols

The proper practice of reiki helps in correcting the imbalances of directions and speed. Human bodies have chakras, or energy vortices that act as an interface between our physical bodies and our auras.If there is any energy imbalance resulting from a disharmonious pattern of absorption and the circulation of cosmic energy within our system, reiki helps in correcting this. The practice of reiki helps us in maintaining all round physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual health and balance.
A word of caution here : though reiki can do no harm and there can be no side effects, it tends to release the suppressed negative feelings like anger, grief and depression from the patients. So it is advantageous both for the patients and the family to be prepared for this as it ultimately contributes to the mental and spiritual growth and well being.

Reiki treatment

The reiki guru called channel moves ki or prana to the body of the person to be healed by placing his hands. Reiki energy first enters the crown chakra in the north , flows to the forehead and throat chaka, then down to the heart chakra and finally through the channels' palms in a counter clockwise path.
With the regular use of reiki, all the negative mental blocks in the mind and body are thrown out. Gradually the patient comes out of his negative energy and mindset and his mind and soul start moving in a positive direction. When the mind is free from fear and sorrow the positive feelings of health, energy and well being start emanating from him increasing the body's resistance and finally it becomes impossible for the body to fall ill.

Advantages of reiki

  • The most simple and easy curing method to learn and practice.
  • It can be done anywhere, anytime on anybody including one's own self. It requires just a few moments and movements.
  • One can practice this not only at home but also in one's work place, thereby creating a positive and healthy working environment.
  • With minimum discomfort and expenditure great results can be accomplished.
  • Reiki helps our body to eliminate negative and harmful micro organisms that have been hampering our growth. Once we feel more and more creative, our learning process naturally accelerates.
  • Post surgeries, the reiki helps in regenerating the tissues and fighting germs.
  • Reiki retards aging process by keeping us physically and mentally active.
  • If applied within two years of the surgery, it helps in dissolving surgical scars.
  • Reiki attunements have a life long effect.
  • Not only human beings, reiki can be effectively and successfully used on pets and plants.
  • It is a safest and intelligent process of healing, based on the need of the healee. For example if a person is suffering from a headache due to digestive disorders, the reiki will direct itself to the digestive system the moment the channel puts his hands on the head.
  • While in other treatment, the person giving the treatment gets exhausted, here he himself gets the energy and gets healed.

Limitations of Reiki

  • This is the method of healing where active participation of the patient is very important. If he/she is not receptive, there may not be desired results.
  • Similarly, there may be rare cases of the patients preferring their illness due to some strange reasons, like wishing to remain ill to draw sympathy and attention. Reiki inspects one's desire to be ill and hence the healing may be either slow or in-effective.
  • One has to be sensitive to feel the healing and growth to realize it.
  • Reiki cannot deal with serious illness needing surgery and emergency cases. It is more suited to chronic diseases.

Finding a genuine Reiki Master

The best way to be initiated into Reiki learning and healing is to find the bonafide reiki master. You can visit the seminars, interact with the participants and reiki masters and go to the person with whom you feel comfortable and whom you can trust. This is of utmost importance because your learning and healing entirely depends on the extent of your surrender and trust.

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