Sunday, 2 September 2012


      The Gowri festival  is fast approaching and THE sweet for this festival, of course, is obbattu. I had been following up with my mother,  many of my  friends and relatives, and there are as many recipes. And there has always been that confusion over maida or atta, kadle bele or togari bele and akki hittu or kadle kai enne. Now I got the perfect recipe from my friend Padmaja, who over several experiments had arrived at the perfect, healthy and tasty recipe of  obbattu. The method is simple and moreover if you have a sweet tooth, you can prepare and keep the hoorana ready in the fridge and make obbattu at a very short notice too. I tried it today and the result was mind blowing. Sure you would love to prepare it n enjoy!

Ingredients :

Maida                          2  cups
Atta                             1  cup
Turmeric  powder        1  table spoon
Salt                              1  tea spoon
Groundnut  oil              1  big cup                                              
Water to mix                1 1/2 cups
Kadale bele                 2  cup
Togari bele                  1  cup
Pounded unde bella     3  cup
Yalakki pudi               1  table spoon

Method  :

Mix maida, atta with a table spoon groundnut oil, salt and water and kneed thoroughly. Set aside for 3-4 hours.
Separately cook kadale bele with a lot of water and togari bele with equal quantity of water. When cools down drain the excessive water.
In a thick bottomed kadai, mix bele and bella   and cook, stirring continuously while monitoring the heat. Once it is cooked evenly and all the water is absorbed, mix yalakki powder and let it cool.
Once it cools, grind to a nice paste. If you are doing the aloo paratha, you know that the consistency of this should be as of the stuffing.
Make little balls of the hoorana and set aside,  Separately make small balls of the atta, roll into small puris and stuff the hoorana and cover like a paratha. Do this for all the puris and set aside.

Now in roll the obbattu on a plantain leaf or holige paper dipping the dough in rice flour. Cook on a tava putting generous quantity of oil. Lightly cook on both sides.

Serve hot with ghee and milk. The Best way to eat obbattu accrding to my grandpa is to put hot milk and ghee in a cup, dip hot obbattu into it and eat. Forget the calories for a day!